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Brian Desilets Oral History

Brian Desilets

Interviewee: Brain Henry Desilets

Interviewer: Gus Nolan

Interview Date: October 11, 2001

Summary: This interview covers the life of Brian Henry Desilets, who first became a Marist Brother in 1946, and has been associated with the Marist community for most of his life. The interview starts with his birth, and then progresses to his beginnings as a brother. The early years of the college are discussed, including buildings that have thus been torn down or have become memorable sites. It also gives his opinion of the many changes that took place at Marist over the years: the opening of the school to laymen and women, the change over of responsibility from the brothers to a board, and the three different presidents. In addition, Dr. Desilets’ career is documented, finishing with the future for him in the Heritage Project and beyond.


Desilets, Brian
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Brian Desilets Oral History transcript

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