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John Ritschdorff Oral History

Interviewee: Dr. John Ritschdorff

Interviewer: Gus Nolan and Jan Stivers

Interview Date: June 27, 2002; December 14, 2021

Summary: In the first interview, Dr. John Ritschdorff reflects on his years at Marist College. Within the interview, Dr. Ritschdorff speaks of his teaching mathematics as well as an introductory computer course among other courses. Other roles that he has participated on throughout his years at Marist College include being elected as Chair of AAC working towards the adoption of the Core program from the sixty-sixty program, as well as his position as an Athletic Director. Dr. Ritschdorff also compares Marist students from the college’s early years to the college’s current students and describes the expansion of the campus in terms of both the physical grounds and the student population. The interview ends with Dr. Ritschdorff’s thoughts on the direction of the college for the future. In the second interview Dr. John Ritschdorff talks about his early education as a Marist Brother and attending Marist College. He also speaks about his early years as a Mathematics professor at the college and how things have changed both with Faculty and Students over the past 40 plus years. He shares his insights of where the college may be headed in the future under new leadership and his hopes for the future of Marist.


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