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Judith Ivankovic Oral History

Judith Ivankovic Oral History Photo

Interviewee: Judith Ivankovic

Interviewer: Gus Nolan

Interview Date: July 15, 2002

Summary: In the following interview, Judith Ivankovic speaks of her past fifteen years working as an administrator at Marist College. The interview begins with a brief background of Judith Ivankovic’s educational history and her coming to Marist. Within the interview, Judith speaks of her transition from the Bursar’s office to becoming Registrar of the College, as well as the tasks involved in being Registrar. Judith Ivankovic also describes various previous administrators and their input over the years at Marist College. The interview ends with Judith Ivankovic’s take on where Marist may be in the future with regards to distance education.

Subject Headings: 

Marist Brothers - United States - History
Marist College History
Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York)
Marist College Social Aspects

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