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Lawrence Menapace Oral History

Lawrence Menapace Photo

Interviewee: Lawrence Menapace

Interviewer: Rich Foy

Interview Date: March 20, 2002

Summary: The following interview is with Dr. Lawrence Menapace from the Chemistry Department at Marist College. In the beginning of the interview, Lawrence Menapace gives a brief describes his educational background as well as his professional background, working as a full-time chemist for Texaco. After transferring to Marist College, Lawrence Menapace became a full-time organic chemist. In the interview, Lawrence Menapace compares the environments of Marist College now and in his early teaching years, particularly in terms of the faculty and students. Lawrence Menapace also describes his participation as an Academic Advisor and Assistant Varsity Coach for Marist’s basketball team. The interview ends with Lawrence Menapace’s account of the differences between students entering the college now and the students enrolled in the college during his earlier teaching years.

Subject Headings: 

CMarist Brothers - United States - History
Marist College History
Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York)
Marist College Social Aspects

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