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Susan Brown Oral History

Interviewee: Susan Roeller Brown

Interviewer: Gus Nolan

Interview Date: December 1. December 9, 2010

Summary:  In Part 1, Susan Brown talks about her time before working at Marist and her time working at the College. She discusses the establishment of Longview Park, her involvement with several stakeholders through her time at the College as the Special, later Executive Assistant to President Dennis Murray. In Part 2 of 2, Susan Brown discusses historic preservation of buildings at Marist College. She describes the process involved in nominating and applying to be on the State and National Register of Historical Places Listing. She describes the architectural style and histories of the three stone buildings on campus, once part of the Rosenlund Estate: the Greystone Building, Saint Peter’s and the Kieran Gatehouse. She describes Edward Bech’s life history in tandem with the history of the buildings as well.

Subject Headings:

Brown, Susan
Marist College – History
Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Marist College – Faculty
Marist College – Social Aspects

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