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Lee Miringoff Oral History

Interviewee: Lee Miringoff

Interviewer: Gus Nolan

Interview Date: July 20, July 27,  2009

Summary:  In Part 1 of the interview with Gus Nolan, Dr. Lee Miringoff discusses his early life, early education, and his arrival at Marist College. He discusses the establishment and expansion of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO) or Marist Poll. He discusses the transformation of the physical facilities on campus and changes in students and their social life from his beginning years to 2009.
In Part 2,  Dr. Lee Miringoff talks to Gus Nolan about the aspects of polling, such as the sample size, revenue sources, media distribution, questionnaires and pollsters. He discusses the current state of polling in the United States and of other polling organizations. He talks about the state of Marist alumni, the future development of Marist from 2009, and finally what he would recommend the Marist Board of Trustees.


Dr. Miringoff, Lee
Marist College Faculty
Marist College Board of Trustees
Marist College History
Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York)
Marist College Social Aspects

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