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Winslow estate description



This sketch or photo shows the part of the Winslow house facing the Hudson River. Note the tall tower that John Winslow added to enable visitors to obtain a panoramic view of a four mile stretch of the river, including the site of the proposed railroad bridge across the Hudson. For some time Winslow as president of the bridge company and used his estate to encourage shareholding in the enterprise.

Harriet Wickes Winslow resided at Wood Cliff until shortly before her death in 1926. She retained the estate, but moved with her long time companion Sophie Harris to 247 Church Street sometime after 1920 to be close to her Presbyterian Church and medical assistance.

This is the only reference to Roderick C. Andrus that I found. I still have not cross checked this statement at the Dutchess County records. The property was part of the Hermanse & Sanders patent, not the Great Nine Partners patent.

Date Created

photos and text taken from a historical book written after Winslow's death in 1892 and before Harriet's death in 1926.