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Frederic & Margaret Barnard



The obelisk marker, a type so frequently seen in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, contains names on all four faces at the bottom.

Frederic Barnard born April 1780 died Sept 11, 1860
Margaret Allen, wife of Frederic Barnard born Jan 19, 1792
in South Wales Great Britain, died August 8, 1869

Thomas, son, born Oct 14, 1819, died August 16, 1842
John A, son, born Poughkeepsie NY July 15, 1829
Died in Santiago, Chile November 22, 1870

Robert, son, born March 24, 1917, died April 1, 1855
Frederic W, son, born Dec 14, 1820, died Dec 9, 1855

Two other sons:
William born May 18, 1814 died Aug 20, 1836
Henry born April 14, 1831 died Aug 10 1836

Joseph Folger Barnard has a separate section in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery for his family. His brother George Gardner Barnard is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY. We know that one daughter married a judge. This accounts for nine children. There were probably twelve children. If the three unaccounted for were daughters, they would have been buried with their husbands.

Elizabeth Allen, older sister of Margaret Allen, married Thomas Fonda. Elizabeth was born in South Wales, Great Britain on 1800 and died in Poughkeepsie August 1881. The Fonda tombstone is very close to the Barnard obelisk.


photos by Richard Foy and Victor VanCarpels, September, and 1 and 6 October 2012