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Kieran Gatehouse



The gatehouse was one of three buildings built according to the plans of Detlef Lienau for the use of the Bech estate. It was occupied for a time by David Gindra, the master gardener for the estate. When the Brothers purchased the Bech parcel, they nicknamed it the Chateau, and first used it for a tailor shop for the province. The Brothers who taught at Saint Peter's School in Poughkeepsie lived there 1908-1909 and then relocated to the gardener's cottage now known as Saint Peter's.

The interior has been renovated several times, but the exterior remains substantially the same as when first built.

The gatehouse is named for Brother Kieran Brennan, who served as Master of Scholastics after Brother Paul Ambrose moved to Rome. Kieran later became Provincial and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Marist College. Known for his wit and tact, he served as Chairman during a time of great change for the college.


Richard Foy

Date Created

April 2012