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Rosenlund for sale



Although this notice was released by Frank Lown in October 7, 1900, the estate was not settled until 1905, as most of the possible claimants to the property lived in Europe, so communications among them and the estate lawyer were slow. Rosenlund was sold to Nicholas Jungeblut in 1905, but was not sold to Brother Louis Zephiriny until 1908. Louis knew the property was available in 1905, but did not have the financial resources to purchase the estate then.


Notice published by the Poughkeepsie Courier, October 7, 1900, page 7. Elizabeth's will, obituary and portrait were carried by the Courier June 3, 1900 pages 5 and 8. Microfilm of the Courier is available at the Adriance memorial Library, Market Street, Poughkeepsie NY.