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Marist College Land History: Bech House With Red Siding



Eventually the entire structure was covered with red asphalt siding. This is how the Brothers now alive would have remembered it. Note the water tower addition. Brother Nilus wrote in Memories of 75 Years (page 26) that the entire Bech and Barnard parcels were serviced with a single half inch water line. "Up to 1953, the water supply for the whole property was a small 1/2 inch pipe. That is one reason why each, St. ann's, Central (Scholasticate) and Novitiate, had a large water tank near the top of each building. This tank took care of the early morning large use of water. Connecting all buildings was a two inch pipe installed earlier by Brother Abelus and Brother Altin." Note also the statue of Saint Ann/Blessed Virgin has been relocated, nice plantings are in front of the house separating it from the road, and a flagpole has been added.