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Marist Land History: Barnard and Bech Farm 3



Dairy cows were kept in fields north of the water works road. During World War II the Brothers purchased beef cattle and stored them on neighbors fields. One one occasion the beef cattle broke out of their enclosure and wound up on the Saint Andrews property in Hyde Park.

At times, the cows were grazed in fields near the Novitiate, now occupied by Tenney Stadium and Leonidoff Field.

Those in the Novitiate were assigned certain tasks. Some were appointed gardeners who took care of the flowers and bushes. Others were assigned some vegetable patches. Others became beekeepers. I was assigned one of four rows of strawberries. My row was planted with Senator Dunlop, a still popular variety that produces fruits of medium size with a rich, red color. The strawberries took two seasons from planting to producing fruit. I planted them, watered them, weeded them. But then I moved to the College, and another reaped the fruit of my early labor.


photos digitized from Kodak slides