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Bech Family at Rosenlund Identification Sketch



Viggio Rambusch has identified most of the persons pictured. See the inset with the sketch of the figures to learn their names.
1. Edvard Bech (1812-1873) born Copenhagen, Denmark, died Baden-Baden, Wurttemberg, Germany; Proprietor, Bech's Furnace; Falkill Iron Company, Poughkeepsie Iron Company.

2. Elizabeth McCarty Hossack Bech (1808-1900) wife, born New York City, died Poughkeepsie NY

3. Seated. Mary Elizabeth Bech von Linden (1847-1900) daughter, born Poughkeepsie; married Count, High Chamberlin Carl Heinrich von Linden of Wurttemberg, died Baden-Baden, Wurttemberg, Germany

4. Sophie Bech Oxholm (1848-1935) daughter, born Poughkeepsie, married Chamberlin Carl O'Neill Oxholm of Rosenfeldt, died at Rosenfeldt, Vordingborg, Denmark

5. George Albert Bech (1856-1890) son, born Poughkeepsie NY, died Washington DC, successor to Poughkeepsie Iron Co

6. Henri Monad Braem - son of Mrs. Bech from first marriage

7. Henri Braem's wife; Emily nee Bridge

8. Carl Adfolph Rothe Bech (1847-1920) - nephew, born Valbygaard, Denmark; died Englesholm, Denmark (Viggo Bech Rambusch's great-grandfather)

9, 10, & 11 not identified.


Photo From Bech Collection at the Marist College Library archives. identifications by Viggo Bech Rambusch