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Beck Parking Lot

In the mid-1800s, Edward Bech, founder of the Tuckerman and Bech Iron Comany, purchased Hickory Grove, a 65 acre farm along the Hudson River, which he then renamed "Rosenlund." Although the main house was never built, the three service buildings still remain in the heart of the Marist campus: Kieran Gatehouse, Greystone Carriage house, and St. Peter's. In 1908, the Marist Brothers purchased the Edward Bech estate, by then a 110-acre plot of land, to expand the Hermitage that had been purchased in 1905. This plot of land is the current location of Marist College, west of Route 9 and as far North as Fern Tor and St. Ann's Hermitage. The Beck Place Parking Lot is located across from the Marist Campus and is used as a lot for commuters, visitors, and an over-flow lot for underclassmen with cars. (Source: Building & Place Names)

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