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The Kirk House

Professor Daniel Kirk, former Chairman of the Psychology Department, built the Kirk House in 1976 for his private residence. Dr. Kirk generously willed his home to Marist College. It became the residence of the Marist College Catholic Chaplain and continues to be used for this purpose today.  (Source: Building & Place Names)


The Kirk House was built in 1976 by Professor Daniel Kirk, chairman of the Psychology Department. After his death Marist College purchased the home. It became the residence of the Marist College Catholic chaplain for which purpose it continues to be used. (Source: Marist College History: Kirk House)


Kirk house 

Several plans were drawn up to encourage faculty housing in private homes, but only Daniel Kirk, Professor of Psychology carried out the goal.  With a 99 year lease from the College, he built a house now called Kirk House used for the chaplain’s residence.  (Source: Marist College Land History: Barnard Parcel

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