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Chronology: 1905-1909

A project undertaken by Brother Joseph J. R. Belanger based on previous work by Brother Leonard Voegtle and Adrian Perreault 

On 28 February 1905 the deed for the MacPherson estate was signed.  The Juniorate will be located there.

On 21 February 1906 12 Juniors arrived from St-Hyacinthe, Canada, to pursue their grade school studies.  They were the first [grade school and high school] students on campus.

On 26 January 1908 14 students officially began their Postulancy on campus.  Nine of these took the Habit on 26 January 1908.  The Postulancy followed the Juniorate and represented a higher level of study.  It is the first year of the Novitiate; secular studies are permitted by Canon Law. 

On 23 July 1908 the deed for the Bech estate is signed.

On 25 September 1908 the Novices move into the Bech homestead.  The Novices are in the second year of their Novitiate; Canon Law permits only one hour a day for secular subjects.

New Novices on 26 July 1908

There are no Scholastics in Poughkeepsie in 1908-09

Family Name

Religious Name


Doiron, Wilfrid 08

Wilfrid Mary

Acad.Dip.’11, State Life ‘22  Schol 10-11.

Fecteau, Rosario 08  

 Paul Ambrose

Schol 12-13

Gagnon, Edward 08

Joseph Edward

Schol 14-15

Grégoire, Charles 08

Henry Charles

Acad.Dip. 1912   State Life 22

Grégoire, René 08

Mary Andrew

Acad.Dip. 1911 Schol 09-10

Hamel, Henri 08

James Joseph

Schol 09-10

Lelièvre, Roméo 08

Paul Stratonic

Acad.Dip. 1912  State Life 1916

Lirette, Adélard 08

Peter Anthony


Villeneuve, J-B.08

John Gabriel

Schol 09-10

“USA” hereon in means took the Habit in the USA.


New Novices on 26 July 1909 
Bro. Boniface is Master of Novices.

There are 3 Scholastics [all USA] listed in 1909-1910.  They must have done “independent study.”

Bro. John Casimir is Master of Juniors.

Family Name

Religious Name


Bélanger Joseph 09

Henry George

Schol Fall 1911

Bergeron Ferdinand 09

Leo Anselm

Schol 11-12  Schol 17-18

Dubois Donat 09

Mary Alexander

Schol 11-12

Dumais Joseph 09

Peter Louis

Schol Fall 1911

Gagnon Napoléon 09

Michael Norbert


Lavoie Phidime 09

Jerome Vincent

Schol 11-12

Lessard Lucien 09

Louis Mary

Schol 11-12

McGinn Joseph 09

Mark Francis

Schol Fall 1911

Nadeau Arthur 09

Cyril Arthur


O’Hearn Joseph 09

Victor Patrick


Paradis Ovila 09


Acad.Dip.’16; State Life ’21 Schol 11-12, 17-18

Pirchase William 09

Thomas Alban


Abbreviation Key

Acad. Dip=Academic Diploma that certified graduation from “academies” [high school]

State Life= State Life Certificate or  the NYS Certification for teaching


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