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Brother Abelus Parent

Brother Abelus  (1876 - 1970)

Family name: Parent 

He was a Canadian brother who came to the United States as a laborer Brother.  He spent over twenty years as a carpenter, including construction of the main additions to the MacPherson house.  He transferred to gardening in the early 1940s and handled the non-animal parts of agriculture on the campus, particularly the greenhouse along the Water Works Road and the fields in front of St. Peters, and on land now occupied by the Donnelley Building and Seat of Wisdom Chapel.  A quiet man, he was the source of personal knowledge of many early events. He lived with the teaching Brothers at St. Peters.  With the disappearance of the infirmary function in Poughkeepsie, he transferred to the Novitiate in Tyngsboro MA. He is buried in the Brothers' cemetery in Esopus, NY.

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