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The History of Marist College as Seen Through the Poughkeepsie Journal

This history was produced by students as part of their senior project.

I. Purpose: This project is intended to provide an overview of the history of Marist College as presented through the Poughkeepsie Journal from May 1954 through August 1994.  From this history an interpretation of this presentation will be ascertained and the validity of the paper as an effective tool of history will be determined.

II. Process: In order to conduct the research for this massive project there had to be determined a logical process.  In order to give the group a grounding from which work with a search for any collections of articles concerning the history of Marist College was conducted.  This search led to the Adriance Library in Poughkeepsie.  Here was found a file in which were kept articles concerning Marist.  Using this file as the basis for the project the following process was designed and followed:

  1. Each article within the folder was examined, with the date of its publication recorded.
  2. These articles were then placed in chronological order and divided up among the group memebers.
  3. With these lists, research was conducted using microfilm either at the Adriance Library or at the Marist College Library.  From this was taken pertinent information and an abstract of the article.
  4. Those articles that appeared after those included in the file (June 1992 through August 1994) were located through a tedious research process, in which each issue of the Poughkeepsie Journal between those months was systematically searched for articles regarding Marist College.  Once again, from each article was taken its pertinent information and an abstract about it.
  5. From all of this research the information from the articles was put into chronological order again.

Once all of the information had been re-assembled into chronological order analysis of the information was then begun.  This analysis was to determine how the history of Marist College was seen through the Poughkeepsie Journal, and because of the steps taken, how it was also by the Adriance Library through the Poughkeepsie Journal.

III. Analysis:  With all of this data now accrued, it is possible for several conclusions to be drawn.  The first group concerns those articles taken from the collection at Adriance Library.  These focused greatly on mainly the development and growth of Marist (Marian) College.  The most often covered aspect was that of the actual physical changes that took place on the Marist College campus between 1954 and 1992.  Included in these were every building built or renovated, with the exception of those worked on after this period, as well as some of the smaller changes to the physical changest to the physical scenery on campus.  Another aspect that received nearly as much coverage during this time was the development of many academic programs at this college.  Included in this category were notable accomplishments, as well as those involved with them.  Along with the coverage of the academic progress of the school, the many administrative changes that occurred during this period and the fiscal matters of the college were seen more frequently than other aspects.  A final area given some  coverage was that of Marist's activities involving the city and other communities surrounding the school.

However, with the switch from Adriance file to the invidual search of the last two years there were now different focuses for the newspaper.  The majority of coverage was dedicated to Marist sports, most noticeably Marist Men's and Women's Basketball and Marist Football.  Also given a great deal of coverage were events that had were unrelated to Marist.  For example, incidents such as vandalism or crime were events covered.

Such things as special events occurring on campus or noteworthy speakers, the physical changes occurred, including construction, and the various fiscal matters of the college wre given coverage also.  These events, however, were covered much less than Marist College sports, gaining attention very rarely.

For the last two years of the Poughkeepsie Journal is seen how the focus of the media coverage of the college has changed.  In the Adriance file, as mentioned previously, the focus was on the growth and development of the school, whereas more recently the focuse has been nearly add dedicated to Marist sports.  This may be attributed to the collection of the Adriance file being skewed towards differents events than sports, or it could be attributed to the possibility that up until this past year Marist College's growth and development had slowed, reaching a plateau.


1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s


Cardinal Spellman to officiate today at dedication of Chapel at Marian College; Sunday, May 2, 1954; Vol. 72, No. 331; p. 2.

       -He will be joined by several other respected community religious figures in dedication of new chapel.

Marian Chapel dedicated, Blessed in rites at college; Tuesday, May 4, 1954; Vol. 72, No. 333; p. 11.

       -With Cardinal Spellman officiating, the chapel build completely by the Marist Brothers was dedicated at Marian College.

Marian College has unusual collection: 6,224 volumes consecrated to Virgin Mary; Sunday, May 16, 1954; Vol. 72, No. 345; p. 1C.

       -The Marian College Library has a rare collection of books, all of which were donated, all dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Brothers construct ultra-modern chapel, busy on 2 buildings more at Marian College; Sunday, July 22, 1956; Vol. 75, No. 51; p. 1C.

       -With completion of the chapel, the Marist Brothers are still in the midst of completing new dormitory and campus building. 

Marian College opens recreational hall as plans progress for classroom building; Sunday, December 8, 1957; Vol. 173, No.  280; p. 16B.

       -The Marist Brothers open new building for students as blueprints for the new building are soon to be completed.

Second year Marian College to enroll lay students from the area; Sunday, February 9, 1958; Vol. 173, No. 189; p. 2.

       -Brother John Malacly, Registrar, has opened registration to the general public for second year into the still small classes.

Marian College to begin 6th new building since '49; Sunday, May 11, 1958; Vol. 173, No. 128; p. 6A.

       -Ground breaking ceremonies to be tomorrow at 3:30 as school plans to expand to about 600 students.

Spellman gives $15,000 to Marian College; School to take 800 students; Tuesday, May 13, 1958; Vol. 173 No. 282; p. back.

       -Cardinal Spellman present to bless new dormitory and present the remainder of $15,000 gift.

Spellman provides artery fuels as Hoe notes need for solution; Tuesday, May 13, 1958; Vol. 173, No. 282; p. 1.

       -Cardinal Spellman was late arriving at Marian College due to the traffic giving state bridge authority Robert Hoe fuel for his argument.

110 enrolled at Marian College; Friday, September 12, 1958; Vol. 174, No. 42; p. 11.

       -This years student body has 110 students, mostly from area or New York City.

Brother Linus, speaker Rotary hears plans slated for Marian College; Thursday, April 16, 1959; Vol. 174, No. 255; p. 17.

       -Speaks about plans to begin night classes for 100-150 students in physics and mathematics, as well as increase in enrollment in next two years of 100-200.


Brother Linus reports; 2 dormitories, faculty housing planned as Marist College continues growth plan; Wednesday, February 15, 1961; Vol. 176, No. 185; p. 28.

       -Talks of new circular classroom building to be finished in fall, along with the beginning of a basketball team and a 'modest' rowing team which will begin races in the spring.

Language device bought after Western Firm gift aids Marist College effort; Sunday, March 5, 1961; Vol. 176, No. 203; p. 6D.

       -First of kind machine in country wired up by the physics and math students at the college will improve the training of future high school language teachers.

Marist College receives $565,000 federal loan to construct new dormitory to house 120 students; Tuesday, March 7, 1961; Vol. 176, No. 205; p. 1.

       -Marist will begin the first of hopefully 3 new dormitories in ten year development project; This will not change the essential commuting character of the school, however.

'No objections': Brother Linus took big job as Marist College head at 28; Sunday, March 12, 1961; Vol. 176, No. 210; p. 3A.

       -Despite having only 3 summers of college teaching experience Brother Linus took on massive responsibility of college head administrator; since then he has led the college through a great period of growth and development.

Marist College was ... ; Thursday, June 6, 1961; Vol 176, No. 210; p. 7.

       -As ground-breaking for new dormitory takes place the new era of Marist is ushered in.

Marist seeks $1.4 million from U.S. for new building; asks for loan for new dormitory; Friday, June 14, 1961; Vol. 176, No. 295; p. 1.

       -Marist applied for $1,420,000 federal loan to build for new 6 story dorm to house 280 men after approval of a $550,000 loan.

Work is progressing on 1st of 2 new dorms; Wednesday, December 13, 1961; Vol. 177, No. 123; p. 32.

       -The three and a half story dorm houses 120 residents and faculty member, while other six story dorm to be completed in 1963. 

Books moved to larger library at Marist; Thursday, April 19, 1962; Vol. 177, No. 248; p. 16.

       -Over 43,000 books moved to larger facility, include a rare 13 volume set of St. John Chrysostum' s writings, one of two in country, and over 2,000 law books donated by city attorney John J. Gartland.

Marist plans $4 million center with 10 story dormitory for 426; Aims to open in '65; Friday, February, 28, 1964; Vol. 179, No. 199; p. 1.

       -Through gifts and New York State Dormitory Authority Bonds new dorm will be built and named after Marist Brothers founder Marcellin Champagnat; will allow Marist to double residents.

Marist dormitory will tower over wide Hudson River view; Sunday, March 1, 1964; Vol. 189, No. 201; p. 3C.

       -The new Champagnat building will be one of the tallest buildings between White Plains and Albany and will include many new facilities in attached student center.

Marist College picks Admissions director; Sunday, June 21, 1964; Vol. 179, No. 312; p. 8.

       -Thomas W. Wade, the current assistant to the admissions director, was chosen to uphold the standards of Marist for potential students.

Record 995 students enrolled at Marist College for '64-'65 term; Sunday, September 9, 1964; p. 12.

       -There will be 525 resident students as Marist students now representative of many states in the northeast; will be over 400 in the evening division.

Officials attend ground-breaking; Tuesday, October 1, 1964; Vol. 180, No. 52; p. 10.

       -Many esteemed leaders in the Poughkeepsie area community attend the ground-breaking held at Marist College.

Brother outlines History of Marist; Tuesday, February 17, 1965; Vol. 180, No. 188; p. 2.

       -Brother William Murphy explains the common roots of Marist College and Our Lady of the Lourdes High School, as he outlines the expansion of Marist under him.

Marist founder returns here to view college and expansion results; Friday, February 21, 1965; p. 3A.

       -Brother Paul Ambrose returned to Marist recently to see the immense changes the school has undergone; he is pleased and proud of what the college has been able to accomplish in its growth.

Marist has $24 million expansion program: Is growing with county; Friday, September 19, 1965; Vol. 181, No. 39; p. 51.

       -College plans to keep pace with the growth of Dutchess County having just opened Champagnat Hall, by increasing enrollment, renovating Donnelly Hall, and building a social service center.

Marist founder returns here to view college and expansion results; Friday, February 21, 1965; p. 3A.

       -Brother Paul Ambrose returned to Marist recently to see the immense changes the school has undergone; he is pleased and proud of what the college has been able to accomplish in its growth.

Marist has $24 million expansion program: Is growing with county; Friday, September 19, 1965; Vol. 181, No. 39; p. 51.

       -College plans to keep pace with the growth of Dutchess County having just opened Champagna t Hal 1, by increasing enrollment, renovating Donnelly Hall, and building a social service center.

Marist Marks Milestone; Tuesday, September 20, 1966; Vol. 182, No. 40; p. 4.

       -Marist college's 20th birthday is being observed. It is a great milestone not only for the college but for the Mid-Hudson Valley in which it serves. The Marist Brothers deserve a lot of the credit for this celebration, not only do they teach, but they basically built the college themselves.

Marist Eyes Nursing Plan By '68 Term; Monday, December 19, 1966; Vol. 182, No. 129; p. 1.

       -Marist College may begin to admit women nursing students to its day division and also Marist should in five to ten years be offering a masters degree program. By 1980, Marist will be coeducational because by then, all-male or all-female colleges will be a thing of the past.

Dr. Schroeder to Serve As Acting Marist President; Sunday, July 30, 1967; Vol. 182, No. 347; p. 9.

       -Dr. Schroeder, dean of the evening division and an English teacher at Marist will be taking over the position of President until Brother Foy returns home from Rome in early November.

Marist College Considering Curriculum Changes; Monday, March 11, 1968; Vol. 183, No. 208; p. 1.

       -Marist is considering a change in curriculum, these include not requiring religion courses, switching to a pass and fail marking system, offering and additional degree and admitting women to the day division.

Marist To Go Co-Ed Full Time In September; Sunday, May 26, 1968; Vol. 183, No. 284; p. 1.

       -Marist College will begin accepting women students for regular daytime courses in September. This movement means that the college, originally a two year teacher- training school, will become co-educational.

Decision Divides Students 50-50; Sunday, May 26, 1968; Vo. 183, No. 284; p. 1.

       -The Marist College student body is divided 50-50 on the merits of admitting women to the day division next fall. Some believe it might dilute the traditional character of the institution.


37 Colleges Participate in Marist Sailing Meeting; Sunday, February 15, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 186; p. 28.

       -Over 130 people from 37 schools were at Marist College Saturday for the annual meeting of the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association and the Middle Atlantic of Women Sailors.

Pace Divisions Marist's Frosh; Sunday, February 15, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 186; p. 48.

       -Pace College freshmen basketball team beat Marist College basketball team 80-77.

Lecture Listed at Marist College; Sunday, February 15, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 186; p. 168; photo of Dr. John W. Blake.

       -Dr. John W. Blake, technical director of marine biology at the Raytheon Corp. will deliver a lecture on environmental science at Marist College on Thursday at 8 p.m.

65 Years of Growth: Marist College Today Marks The End of An Era; Sunday, February 15, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 186; p. 1C.

       -Marist College is growing and they are trying to bring themselves from the past to the future. It is not just a growth of the physical plant but it is the growth of teaching, community, and the student body.

Marist Students To Tour With Play; Friday, May 22, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 282; p. 8.

       -About 55 Marist students will troupe the show "The Wizard of Oz" through the Appalachian Region of Eastern Kentucky and entertain some of the poorest children in the country.

Foy Leaving Marist Brothers; Wednesday, July 15, 1970; Vol. 185, No. 336; p. 1.

       -Brother Linus Richard Foy, president of Marist College, confirmed today that he will be leaving the Marist Brothers Religious order at the end of this month. He will continue in his college position. He feels the change of personal status will help in the future development of Marist College.

Registrar Named at Marist; Sunday, July 16, 1972; 187th Year, No. 338; p. 14A; photo of John H. Dwyer.

       -John H. Dwyer has been appointed registrar at Marist College.

Marist Coaching Staff Has New Look; Sunday, September 9, 1973; 189th Year, No. 28; p. 6C.

       -Marist College's Vikings are taking part in hard drills in preparation for their 9th Club football season and the head coach Ron Levine has had to bring together a new and talented staff to assist him.

Marist To Compete in New Grid League; Monday, February 10, 1975; 190th Year, No. 183; p. 14.

       -Marist College and seven other New York and New Jersey colleges and universities have formed the Mat 8 Football conference.

Dr. Zuccarello Named Marist Academic Dean; Sunday, February 16, 1975; 190th Year, No. 189; p. 4.

       -Dr. Louis C. Zuccarello has been named Academic Dean at Marist College. He was picked by administrators, faculty and students out of 180 candidates.

McEnroe Elected Head of Marist College Board; Thursday, May 1, 1975; 190th Year, No. 263; p. 22.

       -Dr. Jack A. McEnroe, President of the Dutchess Bank and Trust Co., has been elected chairman of the board of trustees at Marist College. He succeeds John J. Gartland Jr., president of the McCann foundation.

Marist Unveils Expansion Plan; Wednesday, May 7, 1975; 190th Year, No. 269; p. 1, continued on p. 3.

       -Marist College has unveiled plans for a $4.5 million construction program including a new gym, and recreation center, swimming pool and expanded library facilities.

Marist Library Moved to Larger Quarters; Saturday, March 13, 1976; 191st, Year No. 213; p. 3.

       -The Marist College Library has been relocated into larger space in the newly-renovated Fontaine Hall. This new facility will let Marist broaden its services to the students.

376 Graduate From Marist; Sunday, May 16, 1976; 191st Year, No. 277; p. 15.

       -376 men and women were awarded bachelor's degrees at the 30th commencement held at Marist College on campus's Leonidoff Field. Jim Jensen, WCBS T.V. anchorman was one of the recipients of the honorary doctoral degrees.

Marist Gets Grant For Special Programs; Friday, August 13, 1976; 191st Year, No. 366; p. 40.

       - Marist College has been awarded a federal grant of $112,248 to continue its University Year for ACTION (uya}, an anti-poverty program that utilizes the skills of student volunteers, college faculty and community agencies.

Marist Chapel Charred; Monday, April 11, 1977; 192nd Year, No. 241; p. 11.

       -Fire in the sacristy of the Marist College chapel on Saturday night is under investigation. There were no candles lit in the church that night so, the fire was not set accidentally.

McCann Center Dedicated; Monday, April 18, 1977; 192nd Year, No. 248; p.1 continued on p. 7.

       -$2.7 million McCann Recreation Center at Marist College was dedicated on Sunday afternoon. The center will stand as a symbol of continuing cooperation between the college and the community.

Marist College Wooing Students From Bennett; Wednesday, August 24, 1977; 193rd Year, No. 10; p. 1.

       -Marist College is absorbing some of the displace faculty and students of Bennett College which announced its closing earlier this month.

Marist Female Population Growing; Monday, August 29, 1977; 193rd Year, No. 15; p. 11.

       -The odds are evening up for the sexes at Marist College with the arrival of the falls new freshmen class. Forty percent of the new freshmen will be girls and in the years to come the ratio of men to women will even out.

Marist Tackles Growth: Some Students Appear Annoyed; Wednesday, September 21, 1977; 193rd Year, No. 38; p. 1 continued on p. 11.

       -The population is growing at Marist College and several of the students are not happy with this change. Foy says that it is worth a few disgruntled souls though because it adds zest to the Marist College campus.

Marist Makes 'Exciting' Changes; Sunday, September 25, 1977; 193rd Year, No. 42; p. 1B.

       -Changes have been made to the curriculum at Marist College; Programs on writing skills, courses you have to take no matter what your major is, and ethics and two art classes.

Marist names 4 Trustees; Wednesday, February 21, 1978; p. 1B.

       -4 trustees named: Michael M. Pennock- Pres. of Poughkeepsie Newspaper, Jesse Bontencou- owner and manager of Rally Farms, Brother Iazzetti- Principal of Marist High School in Chicago, and Erich Bloch- General Manager of IBM East in Fishkill. They each receive a 3 year term.

Marist must pay undergraduate back wages; Thursday, March 22, 1978; p. 2B.

       -Marist must pay $20,000 in back wages to undergraduates who performed tutorial and advisory work for the college. U.S. District Court found that the college's resident coordinators and resident assistants were paid below minimum wage.

Chasing the hope of what was Camelot; Sunday, April 16, 1978; p. 1F.

       -Dr. Toscano wrote a book titled Since Dallas, which traces the growth of the Kennedy mystic beginning with November 1963.

Dr. Rehwoldt to leave Marist; Friday, June 2, 1978; p. 3B.

       -Dr. Rehwoldt, a chemistry professor and environmental scientist, leaves Marist to help handicap scientists. He will take over as program manager for National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

A Man who can't go home; Sunday, October 29, 1978; p. 1F.

       -Casimir Norkeliunas, chair of the Modern Language Department, speaks about his home country of Lithuania, which he left when he was only eight.

Once more Dr. Foy finds himself to be a man in transition; Sunday, January 14, 1979; p. 2F.

       -Looks at the accomplishments of Dr. Linus Foy, who became president of Marist College in 1958 at the age of 21. He is the man who is most responsible for expanding the Marist community.

Marist grads pay tribute to Foy; Sunday, May 20, 1979; p. 1B.

-The Marist graduation turned into a tribute to retiring president Dr. Linus Foy, Senator Daniel Moynihan, the commencement speaker, called Dr. Foy an "extraordinary educator."

Murray named Marist College President; Monday, July 16, 1979; p. 1A.

       -Dr. Dennis Murray was appointed president of Marist College today. He will succeed former president Dr. Linus Foy. Murray, a former administrator at Whittier College, was selected out of 120 applicants.

Marist seeks public role, President Says; Tuesday, July 17, 1979; p. 1B.

       -New Marist president Dr. Dennis Murray would like to see the college build up its recognition. He is impressed with Marist's standards and would like for the public to be more informed about the college. This is needed in order to obtain the funding from various educational foundations.


Siberia grows into a college; Sunday, February 17, 1980; p. 2E.

       -Thursday, February 28 marks the 75th birthday of Marist. Siberia was the original name given to the Marist brothers project by visitors. At the time the, area in which Marist now is was looked at by many as the "most desolate spot on earth." However, the college has grown immensely since its earliest days.

Marist names Toscano; Sunday, August 24, 1980; p. 1B.

       -Dr. Vincent Toscano is named to the new position of dean of academic programs and services at Marist College.

Marist becoming "Computer U"; Sunday, August 24, 1980; p. 1F.

       -Marist students get a new look at the world of computers. Students are able to major in computer science, take computer courses, or simply use a computer. It was the decision of college officials to move into the computer world.

Marist to begin construction of new townhouses; Wednesday, September 9, 1981; p. 3B.

       -Construction of $2.5 million townhouses is set to begin. The board of trustees voted to go ahead and begin building after they received the OK from the city.

Marist beats Manhattan, 4-3; Sunday, November 7, 1982; p. 1G.

       -The Marist men's soccer team won in double overtime on a penalty shot by Mark Adams to beat Manhattan College 4-3.

Marist says yes to ROTC; Sunday, November 7, 1982; p. 1B.

       -Following months of debate the Marist College board of trustees voted to accept a U.S. Army ROTC program on campus. After one year the program must be reviewed and revoted on.

Marist rallies for volleyball win; Saturday, November 16, 1982; p. 4C.

       -The Marist girl's volleyball team holds off Mount St. Vincent to win its match 3 games to 2. The team remains a perfect 6-0 in the Hudson Valley Conference.

Marist needs a win Sunday; Saturday, November 16, 1982; p. 1C.

       -Marist football, at 2-5, have a must win game against Ramapo at home. This years team is better then last years team statistically but not in the win lose column. Two more loses and the Foxes will have the same record as the year before.

$28,000 raised for new scholarship at Marist; Friday, June 1,1984; p. 12A.

       -More than $28,000 was raised through the Robert E. Crosby Memorial Fund. The fund was established in honor of Crosby who was the laboratory director at IBM. A junior computer science major will receive $3,000 dollars of his/her final two years through the fund.

Upward Bound Program gives students direction; Tuesday, August 14, 1984; p. 1B.

       -The article focuses on 18 year old student Otelia S. Vines who graduated at the top of the Upward Bound Program class. Celebrating its 19th year in Dutchess County helping students like Otelia find direction in life and their careers.

Marist gets Drum and Bugle Corps that won't be average college band; Monday, August 27, 1984; p. 4B.

       -Marist will begin having a marching band at football games and basketball games starting with the homecoming game. Members in the band range in age from 16 to 60.

Murray curtails all comment on the resignation of Perry; Wednesday, October 3, 1984; p. 1C.

       -Men's basketball coach, Mike Perry, resigns under charges that he provided extra benefits to players in violation of NCAA rules. President Murray had no comment on the resignation or the violation.

Foxes plan air attack; Wednesday, October 3, 1984; p. 1C.

       -The Marist football team coming off a 21-0 lose to Iona looks to improve its passing game which in turn should help its running game.

Marist won't underestimate winless Brooklyn; Friday, October 5,1984; p. 2B.

       -The Marist football team's opponent for their homecoming game is winless Brooklyn College. Coach Mike Malet does not want his team to be overconfident considering they only have one win in three games.

Marist Volleyball Team defeats Manhattan 3-1; Friday, October 5, 1984; p. 2C.

       -The Marist girl's volleyball team defeats Manhattan College 3 games to 1. This win allows the team to improve its record to 8-1 overall.

Marist set to name Furjanic; Wednesday, October 10, 1984; p. 1C.

       -With the resignation of Mike Perry, Marist hires former Robert Morris basketball coach Matt Furjanic. He hopes to lead the men's basketball team to the NCAA tournament.

Marist ready for new start; Monday, October 15, 1984; p. 2B.

       -Marist basketball officially opens practice today under new head coach Matt Furjanic. The team is ready to play.

Malet may shake up Marist starting lineup; Monday, October 15, 1984; p. 1C.

       -Men's football coach Mike Malet looks to shake things up a little in order to get his team going. This new attitude comes after losing 13-0 to the Coast Guard the previous week.

Foxes ripped by RPI; Sunday, October 21, 1984; p. 1B.

       -Marist football fell hard to RPI 14-0. Two reasons given for the lose are penalties and injuries.

Marist pounds Seton Hall; Sunday, October 21, 1984; p. 2C.

       -The Marist soccer team played extremely well in defeating Seton Hall 3-1.

Breakfast postponed at Marist; Tuesday, October 23, 1984; p. 1B.

       -Marist postponed the annual President's Community Breakfast as health officials try to find the source for a hepatitis breakout on campus.

Source of hepatitis found; Thursday, October 25, 1984; p. 1A.

       -The source of hepatitis on the Marist campus has been found. A female service worker had the illness and did not realize it.

Marist electricity fails; Thursday, November 1, 1984; p. 1B.

       -For five hours on Wednesday Marist College was without electricity because a transformer in Poughkeepsie blew out.

Marist hopes to start new student apartments before winter; Friday, November 2, 1984; p. 2B.

       -Marist plans to begin construction on a 52 unit complex behind the Dutchess Bank on the north edge of campus. Once completed the new apartments will house 314 students.

Padilla has paid dues; Monday, November 12, 1984; p. 3C.

       -Marist basketball player Gil Padilla strives to be a starter on the team. However, each time his chance comes he suffers a setback which forces him to work even harder.

Marist Swim Club picks up 3rd Invitational Title; Monday, November 12, 1984; p. 2C.

       -The Marist Swim Club wins the 3rd annual Marist Team Invitational.

Foxes likely to start slow; Thursday, November 22, 1984; p. 1B.

       -The Foxes men's basketball team looks to begin the season slowly because of numerous key personal changes, including head coach.

Red Foxes fall to Fairfield; Sunday, November 25, 1984; p. 1C.

       -Men's basketball team loses 79-76 to Fairfield at the McCann Center in front of 2,324 fans.

Development of well-rounded student is aim for Marist's proposed curriculum; Sunday, November 25, 1984; p. 1B.

       -Professors would like to see Marist students take twice as many liberal arts courses. The faculty is scheduled to vote on the new curriculum shortly.

Utica dumps Marist; Tuesday, January 29, 1985; p. 1C.

       -The Marist men's basketball team loses big to Utica in front of 1,327 at the McCann Center. Illness and bad scheduling were blamed for the 71-59 loss.

Some Marist students admit part in phone fraud; Wednesday, January 30, 1985; p. 1A.

       -8 to 10 Marist students confessed to being part of an interstate telephone fraud scheme. Students may be responsible for one fourth of the total $50,000 in long distance calls charged to Total Tel USA access numbers.

Credit Furjanic for Fox Fever; Thursday, February 14, 1985; p. 1C. 

       -Marist men's basketball coach Matt Furjanic has led Marist to a 12-11 record with four games still remaining. In conference play the foxes are 8-3 which is good for first place.

Marist Asks students to oppose financial cuts; Thursday, February 21, 1985; p. 1B.

       -Marist College is organizing a letter writing campaign to protest cuts in financial aid. President Murray hopes to attract as many as 1,000 students in his fight not to lose the aid.

Marist locks up No.1 spot; Thursday, February 21, 1985; p. 1C.

       -The Red Foxes beat Wagner College 82-58 in men's basketball. With the win Marist assures themselves of at least a tie for the number 1 spot in the ECAC Metro Conference.

Foxes finale phenomenal; Sunday, February 24, 1985; p. 1G.

       -The Marist men's basketball team defeated Loyola 63-46 and locked up sole possession of the number 1 spot in the Metro Conference.

Marist students take up pen to protest proposed aid cuts; Tuesday, February 26, 1985; p. 1A.

       -200 signatures were put on letters to denounce cuts in student aid.

Marist honors civic leaders for community service; Saturday, March 16, 1985; p. 1B.

       -Marist honored Ann Buchholz and Rev. Dr. Ralph C. Lankler with plaques for contributions they made to society.

Construction of Marist center near; Wednesday, May 29, 1985; p. 1A.

       -Marist College officials announced that construction will begin shortly on the Lowell Thomas Communications Center.

Students flee dorm; Monday, February 10, 1986; 201st year, No. 169; p. 5A.

       -Six hundred students evacuated Champagnat Hall, a sophomore dormitory, on Sunday night. Fire broke out on the sixth floor. Fire began on a mattress. Luckily no one was hurt, but there was a great deal of smoke damage. No cause or persons identified for causing fire. Firefighters involved from Fairview Fire District, the City of Poughkeepsie, and Roosevelt Fire Department in Hyde Park. This fire had the potential to be a serious fire.

Parcel named after Gartland: Wants share of funds: Auster, Harvey; Monday, February, 24, 1986; 201st year, No. 183; p. 1A and continued on 5A.

       -"Marist College has filed an appeal in State Supreme court seeking to get its fair share of $332,500 of Bennet College endowment money that was ordered divided among Bard College, Pace University, and the private Millbrook School in December." Bennet, Millbrook based college, went bankrupt and closed. Marist took approximately ninety of its students, nine faculty members, plus its entire fashion design program. Court hearing scheduled for March 4th.

Ball players accused of stealing credit cards; Thursday, May 8, 1986; 201st year, No. 256; p. 1B.

       - "Two Marist College basketball players bought several hundred dollars in merchandise at the South Hills Mall with a credit card they stole from an assistant coach." Town of Poughkeepsie police say they arrested Timothy Beckwith and Carlton Wade, nineteen year old sophomores. They were arrested on Monday for stealing Assistant Coach James Todd's credit card from McCann. Beck is charged with second degree forgery, a felony, and fifth degree conspiracy, a misdemeanor. Wade is charged with second degree criminal possession of stolen property, a felony, and fifth degree conspiracy.

VanderHeyden named Vice-President; Thursday, June 26, 1986; 201st year, No. 305; p. 3B.

       -Dr. Mark A. VanderHeyden, currently vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he worked and taught history since 1979, will become Marist College's vice president for academic affairs starting July 1st. VanderHeyden, who was born in Ghent, Belgium, is a naturalized citizen of the United States. He lives in Rhinebeck with his wife Dana Lin.

Seniors stay at Marist; Thursday, July, 17, 1986; 201st year, No. 326; p. 1D.

       -"Visiting seniors stay at Marist is a learning experience." Marist plays a part as one of seven colleges participating in the summer's Northeast Senior Seminar, a program offering courses and a taste of undergraduate life to people over fifty-five. Professor Peter Amato says seniors, "have some powerful insights into life".

Brothers plan gathering; Thursday, August 7, 1986; 201st year, No. 347; p. 8B.

- "More than 360 Marist brothers from around the world will gather at Marist College August 15th-18th to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Roman Catholic order's work in America." There are 7,000 men worldwide who belong to the Marist order. A history of Marist is given. Marist College began as a training site called St. Ann's Hermitage in 1905 and it evolved to Marian College in 1946. It was opened to lay students in 1958 and two years later it was named Marist College. In 1969, ownership went under Marist College Educational Corp., with an independent board of trustees.

Homecoming sweet for brothers; Saturday, August 16, 1986; 201st year, No. 356; p. 5A.

       -Three hundred and sixty Marist brothers gathered to begin four day celebration. Very sentimental to those who started their journey in religious life here. Weekend began with convocation. Will contain serious discussion about the future of the order and that night a fireworks show. Also on Friday, some brothers were visited from old students such as, Marist's head football coach, Michael Mallet.

Being brother keeps life simple; Sunday, August 17, 1986; 201st year, No. 357; p. 1B and 2B.

       -Article focuses on the older days of Marist College. It gives an ordinary day of the life of Marist brothers and students at Marist. Times were different. It was a very strict and structured environment. Land was very desolate, and open. Brothers and students lived a simple life.

       -editorial is also contained on the Marist brother gathering on page 14A.

Donnelly is brother of Marist; Sunday, August 17, 1986; 201st year, No. 357; p. 3B.

       -Nilus Donnelly, seventy-five year old, lives in Champagnat Penthouse. Donnelly helped with the construction of Marist College. He began construction of Marist in 1952. He did not teach physics as he had originally planned. In addition with other Marist brothers, he built: the Seat of Wisdom Chapel in 1952, the library in 1955, Fontaine and Adrian Hall dormitories in 1957 (now offices), and Donnelly Hall in 1960. Donnelly supervised private contractors in building three dormitories from 1962 through 1965. These buildings were known as Sheahan, Leo, and Champagnat Halls.

Colleges welcome students; Tuesday, September 2, 1986; 202nd year, No. 8; p. 1A and 2A.

       -In all of Dutchess and Ulster Counties, undergraduate ranks swell to a total of 20,000 while graduate students number 2,000, and part- time students number 8,500. Marist in particular welcomes more than 1,000 new students this year in graduate and undergraduate programs, with a record number of 751 freshmen. Undergraduates include 2,800 males and females from twenty- two states and twelve foreign countries. Graduate students numbers is approximately 400 in all. An overview of courses offered and popular majors is listed. Two hundred out of 751 freshmen are undeclared majors because of Core/Liberal Studies program begun last year.

Record for freshmen class; Tuesday, September 2, 1986; 202nd year, No. 8; p. 5A.

       -Marist has record freshmen class. Students arrived at Marist on Sunday. It was the largest freshmen class in the college's history. This was the most selectively chosen class in college history. Students were chosen out of 3,000 applicants. President Dennis Murray greeted them at ceremony in McCann. Marist growing in size and quality with the Lowell Thomas Communications Center scheduled to open for classes by spring semester 1987.

Cited for building code violations; Thursday, September 18, 1986; 202nd year, No. 24; p. 1B.

       -"Marist College has been cited for not having five houses inspected by the Town of Poughkeepsie, but is taking measures to comply with fire and building code regulations, officials said Wednesday." Houses found in violation were purchased on North Road from 1981-1984 and converted for student housing.

Students hold vigil; Wednesday, November 12, 1986; 202nd year, No. 79; p. 6B; By, Clare O'Neill Carr.

       -"Marist students held the first in a series of prayer vigils Tuesday for former Marist professor Dr. Andrew Kayiira, who remains in Uganda prison on charges of treason." Colleagues feared hasty trial leading to a death sentence. Letters of concern and protest sent to United States officials, Amnesty International in London, and the United States Refugee Committee in Washington have produced some good results. He may receive fair trial. Human rights will be adhered to. Prison conditions have been upgraded. Kayiira's wife and six children awaiting permission to travel back to Poughkeepsie, hopefully by December.

Marist advantage-Rik Smits; Wednesday, November 26, 1986; 202nd year, No. 93; p. 1C.

       -Marist college's basketball team has the tallest player in the country in seven foot and tree inches Rik Smits, and one of the tallest front lines in the country if you throw in 7'0" Rudy Bourgarel and 6'1"1 Miroslav Pecarski.

Marist appeal goes unheard; Wednesday, December 3, 1986; 202nd year, No. 100; p. 1C.

       -Dave Magarity's patience is starting to wear out. "It has become apparent that the Marist College first-year head basketball coach will not have any of his three suspended big men back for this weekend's Pepsi-Marist Classic at Marist's McCann Center and Magarity's irritation with the NCAA is beginning to show."

       -Marist has appealed last week's decision by the NCAA to remove Smit's eligibility indefinitely for violations of NCAA's rules prohibiting extra benefits to student athletes reportedly for accepting air fare to the United States from his native Netherlands; and the seven game suspensions of Bourgarel and Pecarski for violations related to a ride, a free meal, and telephone calls. Pecarski is from Yogoslavia and Bourgarel from the Caribbean island of Guadalupe.

NCAA reduced penalties; Thursday, December 11, 1986; 202nd year, No. 108; p. 1C and 6C.

       -Marist College's appeal to NCAA results with the return of Pecarski and Bourgarel. Even with two of Marist's three big men back, Marist fell to Fairfield. Pecarski and Bourgarel were unable to contribute much to the Marist effort. Magarity not expecting much from them in this game, he heard the result of Marist's appeal forty-five minutes before game time.

Receives grant: Gets $500G to renovate; Thursday, December 18, 1986; 202nd year, No. 115; p. 4B.

       -"Marist College will use a $500,000 federal grant to renovate its main classroom building, college President Dennis Murray announced Wednesday." Renovation work will be done in Donnelly Hall and will include fixing and installation of: exterior walls, glass portions, the installation of energy-efficient windows and panels, the rebuilding of interior walls, the installation of an elevator for the handicapped, the installation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, and the repair and replacement of mechanical and electrical systems.

Pollster measures Cuomo's appeal; Monday, December 29, 1986; 202nd year, No. 126; p. 1A and 2A.

       -This is a perspective. A professional assessment was made by Marist pollster, Lee Miringoff and his associate Barbara Carvalho. They have a book due out in January called The Cuomo Factor: Assessing the Political Appeal of New York's Governor. Basically they say, in the case if Cuomo decides to run for President, "If he can make it here, he can make it anywhere."

High costs, low enrollment place Marist's nursing program in peril; Sunday, March 1, 1987; 202nd year, No. 188; p. 2B.

       -Nursing students upset that nursing program at Marist might be abolished. The program has only been in use for three years due to a federal grant that funded the program. The federal grant ends this year, leaving Marist to pay the entire cost of the program if it is continued.

Marist expected to win 1987 ECAC Metro Conference basketball trophy; Friday, March 6, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 193; p. 1B and 4B.

       -Marist is predicted to win this years trophy in the ECAC Metro Conference. Marist College's head basketball coach, Dave Magarity, was named Coach of the Year by his peers. Junior center Rik Smits was awarded Player of the Year, followed second to the team was Miroslav Pecarski, a sophomore forward. Magarity and Smits were honored at the ECAC Metro Conference Awards presentation held at the McCann Recreation Center on Thursday night.

Horne Team's First Hurrah: Last-minute loophole turns Marist Gym into an auditorium; Saturday, March 7, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 194; p. 1A and 1B.

       -Marist Red Foxes beat Wagner 59- 57 for the ECAC Metro Conference semi-final.

Home Team's First Hurrah: Foxes win but not all the action is on the court; Saturday, March 7, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 194; p. 1A and 2A.

       -The Red Foxes may have won the game, but not all of the action appeared to be on the court. The Red Fox fans caused quite enough action on the sidelines. Fans went crazy.

Marist professor killed in Uganda by gunmen; Tuesday, March 10, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 197; p. 1A and 2A.

       -Marist College professor of criminal justice from 1983 to 1985, Andrew Kayiira is confirmed dead. Mrs. Kayiira learned of her husband's death on Saturday at two A.M. He was shot Friday night by ten gunmen on the outskirts of the capital of Kampala in Uganda said Betty Kayiira, the deceased man's wife. Betty Kayiira believes her husband was murdered by the men of Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan President.

Pitt buries the Foxes; Saturday, March 14, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 201; p. 1B and 2B.

       -Marist winning streak ends at fourteen when defeated by Pittsburgh Panthers, 93-68, in the first round of NCAA Tournament at the McKale Center on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson on Friday night.

Marist dedicates new media center; Sunday, March 15, 1987; 202nd Year; No. 202; p. 5A.

       -Lowell Thomas Communications Center at Marist College, worth $4.5 million, was dedicated on Saturday in front of Lowell Thomas Jr., and CBS news correspondent Douglas Edwards. The 45,000 square foot building was opened, which houses five classrooms with computer and television access, two radio broadcast production rooms, two television studios, faculty offices, print journalism rooms, and a gallery containing the exhibit of Thomas's memorabilia and artwork. The building will serve as headquarters for the college's computer science, and communications arts departments. Lowell Thomas Jr. said his father, who died in 1981, "must be tickled pink by this communications center ...."

Magarity reaches a better understanding; Sunday, March 15, 1987; 202nd year; No. 202; p. 1C and BC.

       -Magarity reflects upon the past year at Marist, the good and bad moments. Foxes lost on Friday night to Pittsburgh in the opening round of the NCAA tournament, which ended their season. Magarity calls Marist coaching job the greatest challenge of his career. He is happy with his job and the opportunity he was given at Marist.

       Marist to double McCann exits to comply with fire ordinances; Friday, April 24, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 242; p. 6C.

       -Dick Dormeyer, district deputy chief of the Fairview Fire District, complained Marist's McCann Center was in violation of fire ordinances in March when allowing more than 3,000 people to attend events with a set occupancy of 1,800. The number of McCann exits will be doubled anyway to comply with town fire ordinances.

Marist awards prize to David Brinkley; Friday, April 24, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 242; p. 6C.

       -Marist College's Lowell Thomas award for 1987 was awarded to broadcast journalist, David Brinkley in New York City on Thursday night in Helmsley Palace. Joan Lunden was the master of ceremonies. Brinkley is a forty-year veteran of broadcast news, with reputable past work, such as "This week with David Brinkley" news program, and ABC's "World News Tonight" where served as an anchorman and commentator. He joined ABC news in 1981. He also covered other major events such as the Watergate scandal, Nixon's resignation, and JFK's assassination. Previous winners of this award are well known figures such as Walter Cronkite and Douglas Edwards. 

Overflow shuts cafeteria, Marist holds dinner out; Kipp, Dennis; Thursday, May 14, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 262; p. 1A and 2A.

       -The Marist College cafeteria was closed on Wednesday, during the last days of finals, due to sewage from a clogged drain flowing onto the kitchen floor. The sewage had been in the kitchen since Monday, but staff, such as the director of dining services, William Marks, hoped it could be fixed. Cafeteria was re-opened on Thursday because the problem was fixed.

Marist survey shows Cuomo in high favor; Wednesday, June 10, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 289; p. 1A.

       -Cuomo is leading in votes according to Marist Poll.

Marist recruit Adams arrested; Wednesday, June 10, 1987; 202nd Year, No. 289; p. 1C.

       -Tim Adams, a recruit of the Marist College basketball team, from New Haven, Connecticut was arrested. He was arrested, according to New Haven police, along with three others and was charged with second degree robbery, and second degree larceny. Adams never signed a statement of intent to play with Marist basketball.

Peace of mind: Betty Kayiira lost her husband but she left her fears in Uganda; Thursday, December 31, 1987; 203rd Year, No. 128; p. 1A and 2A.

       -Betty Kayiira reflects upon the loss of her husband. She went from living in a mansion with servants, maids, and bodyguards in Uganda to living in a rent-subsidized apartment in Poughkeepsie and is earning $200 a week as a security guard.

Top designers expected to be at Marist Fashion gala; Monday, April 18, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 237; p. 14A.

       -Top designers are expected to appear at Marist' s Silver Needle Awards and fashion show on Thursday at the Wyndham hotel in Poughkeepsie. Awards will be presented to Marist fashion design students for the students work in the past academic year, which includes the design and construction of four outfits, right down to the actual sewing. Tickets for the show are $25.

Role Models; Tuesday, April 19, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 238; p. 15A and 18A.

       -Marc Jacobs and Mary McFadden comment on the fashion design business, their style, and hemlines in this article. Mary McFadden gets most of her ideas and emphasizes the importance of travel for designers. She is really interested in so-called primitive cultures. Marc Jacobs said that fashion is really what the person wants, and feels confident and comfortable in doing. He says women who are confident can carry any style of clothing off. His styles are youthful. Marist fashion design students worked with the designers and visited their New York studios.

Silver Needles Glisten; Friday, April 22, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 241; p. 1A and 2A.

       -The Silver Needle Awards were a success even without two of the designers scheduled to appear. Bill Blass claimed he was ill and Mary McFadden had another engagement in London. Both designers sent representatives. Marist College students who won awards for their designs were Debi Finch, Doreen Bonci, the recipient of the Silver Needle Award, and Stephanie Rose. Marist design students are excited to begin their careers and were happy with the turnout of the audience of more than 600 people. Fifty-eight outfits were shown.

Head of city's detective bureau to be among today's Marist grads; Saturday, May 21, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 270; p. 5A and 6A.

       -John "Doc" Doherty, who is head of the detective bureau of the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department, will receive a Master's degree in public administration at Marist College on May 21st. He graduated as an undergraduate from Marist College nineteen years ago.

'Never stop learning,' Marist Graduates told; Sunday, May 22, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 271; p. 1A and 15A.

       -Marist College graduation ceremonies were held in the McCann basketball arena yesterday, Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Dennis Murray congratulated more than 700 graduates on their hard work.

Marist Vice President to head Connecticut school; Tuesday, May 24, 1988; 203rd Year, No. 273; p. 5A.

       -Anthony J. Cernera, assistant academic vice president and executive assistant to the president, who has been at Marist since 1981, will be leaving his position on June 10th. Cernera will be taking on the position of President of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Adult Education; Thursday, September 15, 1988; 204th Year, No. 21; p. 4B.

       -Marist offers a variety of adult education courses including: "Divorce: Separating Fact from Fiction", "Mothers and Daughters: Loving, Feuding, and Other Habits of the Heart", "Update on FASB Reporting Requirements", "Nursing: an Alternative Approach", and "The ABC's of Starting Your Own Business."

1971 graduate to head Marist fund-raising; Thursday, September 15, 1988; 204th Year, No. 21; p. 9B. 

       -Paul J. Browne, former 1971 Marist graduate, returns to Marist as vice president for college advancement. Browne who graduated from Marist with a degree in American studies, has gone on to fill many reputable positions before this one. His most recent position was as press secretary and chief of staff for United States Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York from 1984 to 1987.

Marist's safety rests securely in Joe Leary's care; Sunday, October 2, 1988; 204th Year, No. 38; p. 1E.

       -Joseph Leary, former police officer, inspector, and commanding captain of Troop K's bureau of criminal investigation the state police division, is the new director of safety and security at Marist College. Leary said, " A police background is a necessity, a police mentality is not. Our main job is to ensure the safety of the kids on campus."

Marist to study computers for small businesses; Friday, October 28,1988; 204th Year, No. 64; p. 13A.

       -About ten Marist professors will begin a nine month study in January to study which computer systems are best suited to small businesses thanks to a $150,000 grant which Marist College won.

Dukakis slightly ahead in NY, Marist poll finds; Tuesday, November 8, 1988; 204th Year, No. 75; p. 1A and 2A.

       -Lee Miringoff, an independent pollster of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, says that Michael Dukakis has the slight advantage over George Bush in predicted New York votes in the upcoming election.

Junior says ban violates free speech rights; Monday, December 5, 1988; 204th Y; No. 102; p. 1A and 2A.

       -A. Edward Fludd, a nineteen year old junior resident assistant of Leo Hall, loses his job over at-shirt dispute. A t-shirt, which depicts the Hawaiian theme of a student dance, which says "I got lei'd at Leo" and pictures a woman sitting on a fox's lap, the school mascot, was printed and meant to be sold as a fundraising project for the Leo Hall dormitory. College housing prohibited the 408 shirts from being sold or worn. Shirts were secretly sold. Fludd encouraged students to wear the shirts by making an announcement in the cafeteria on Thursday. Fludd, who was a good R.A. and did his hob well, was fired the next day. Fludd says Marist College is violating the Constitution's right of free speech.

Russia's gates open wide for Marist visitors; Sunday, December 18, 1988; 204th Year, No. 115; p. 8A.

       -In January, Marist College professor will head a thirteen day tour of Russia in accompaniment of twenty-seven Marist students and friends.

Staff Helps Freshmen Adjust; Friday, January 20, 1989; p. 1C. 

       -The faculty of Marist help all the new students adjust to college life It assists in any way, shape or form.

Designer Passion; Tues, April 11 1989; p. 1A.

       -The fashion department at Marist is becoming bigger and bigger. More incoming freshmen are interested in pursuing degrees in fashion.

New Beginning; Wednesday, September 6, 1989; p. 1A.

       -All the new freshmen were welcomed by the faculty and staff with a lunch outside Champagnat Hall, where they were introduced to college.

Brother Brennan:Marist Founder; Thursday, September 7, 1989; p 2B.

       -Brother Brennan a founding brother of Marist College died yesterday of Cancer, he was 71.

Students/Residents Clash; Tuesday, September 19, 1989; p. 1B.

       -A party at Dean Place almost ended in fisticuffs as neighbors and students argue over the noise that came from a party that took place in the neighborhood.

Parties Divide Neighborhood; Wednesday, September 20, 1989; p. 1B.

       -Students and Neighbors argue over police procedure in the area around Dean Pl. The issue at hand is the response by the police to college parties that take place there.

Murray At Marist; Sunday, September 24, 1989; p. 1F.

       -Marist has grown under the supervision of President Dennis Murray. Under Murray, Marist has become a tremendous place for students pursuing a higher education.

City Studies College Parties; Tuesday, October 3, 1989; p. 1A.

       -The city of Poughkeepsie called a council to discuss the issue of college parties. In particular the areas around Dean Pl. and Taylor Ave were the main focus.

Noise Dispute; Wednesday, October 11, 1989; p. 1B.

       -Students around the area of Dean Pl. and Taylor Ave. are way out of control according to neighbors. They have no regard for others living in the neighborhood and at night they are much too loud.

Lawsuits of Noise; Tuesday, October 24, 1989; p. 1B.

       -Neighbors are considering bringing on lawsuits upon students and Marist College because of the noise problems within the neighborhood.

Noise Battle; Wednesday, November 11, 1989; p. 1B.

       -The dispute about the noise rages on as students and residents again clash. The problem being students are not complying with noise ordinances and are disturbing neighbors late at night.

Smits Scores 25; Tuesday, November 28, 1989; p. 4C.

       -Rik Smits, a former Marist standout, scored 25 points last night to lead the Indiana Pacers to it's third consecutive victory.

Thomas' Enter Tibet Exhibit; Sunday, December 10, 1989; p. 2H.

       -A new Exhibit opened in the Lowell Thomas Communications Center at Marist College. It featured the Lowell Thomas Senior and Junior's trip to Tibet.


Pays Tribute to Mandela; Monday, February 26, 1990; p 4B.

       -Marist payed tribute to Nelson Mandela as Black History month comes to a close. In a small ceremony the school paid tribute to imprisoned leader of S. Africa.

Silver Needle Fashion Show; Sunday, April 22, 1990; p. 1H.

       -The annual fashion show put on by Marist fashion students took place last night in the auditorium. It featured works done by the students.

Add Psych to Graduate Program; Friday, June 6, 1990; p. 5B.

       -Marist added Psychology to the graduate program. It will begin in the 90-91 school year.

Adds $8m Building; Thursday, September 6, 1990; p. 1A.

       -Marist opened it's new Dyson center to the campus. It will house classrooms and will be home to offices for many professors as well.

California Here She Comes; Tuesday, September 11, 1990, p. 1D.

       -Students from California come to Marist as a fashion majors. Seeing the tremendous department that Marist possesses.

Pollsters Earn High Marks Sun; September 23, 1990; p. 1A.

       -Marist students earn high marks from experts concerned with the various elections. MIPO does various polls concerning the many elections that take place throughout the state.

Inmates Make The Mark; Wednesday, January 23, 1991; p. 3B.

       -Inmates at Greenhaven prison impress the professors who teach them. According to many of the Marist professors they are better then many of their regular students.

Marist and IBM are Winners; Sunday, February 24 1991; p. 12A.

       -Marist College and IBM work off each other as they both are crucial in each other's development.

Students haven't been as bad; Thursday, March 28, 1991; p. 1B.

       -According to the Poughkeepsie police the parties and other problems caused by the return of Marist haven't been as prevalent this year.

Students Exhibit Fashions; Friday, April 26, 1991; p. 1H. 

       -At the annual Silver Needle Fashion Show students at Marist exhibited their work for all to see.

Haley Visits; Tuesday, April 30, 1991; p. 3B.

       -Famed author Alex Haley spoke at Marist and gave students an inspirational talk. In particular he encouraged blacks to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness in whatever they do.

County: Marist Lifeguards Lax; Wednesday, May 29, 1991; No. 277; p. 7B.

       -Dutchess County charged Marist College with failing to insure Lifeguards at the McCann Recreational Center. In eight separate occasions, in 29 months, the county found reading and writing violation of state codes. Some lifeguards were fired.

Marist Lists Award Winners at Baccalaureate Ceremony; Wednesday July 10, 1991; 206th Year, No. 319; p. 38.

       -A listing of all the people, where from, parents, and what award they won at the 1991 baccalaureate ceremony held at Marist College.

College Students Feeling Aid Cuts: Private Schools Being Hit Hard By Reductions; Wednesday, July 31, 1991; 206th Year, No. 340; p. 38; photo of Maryanne Leary.

       -State funding cuts to the Tuition Assistance Program have trimmed aid to private school students. The shortage in TAP funds are causing more students to find jobs and to apply for other loans.

Marist Offering Adult Workshops; Wednesday, July, 31, 1991; 206th Year, No. 340; p. 38.

       -Marist College is offering free workshops for adults considering returning to college.

Oil Leak Found; Sunday, August 25, 1991; 207th Year, No. 365; p. 12B.

       -Fuel leak found stops construction of Donnelly parking lot. 300 to 500 gallons at least spilled. The estimated cost of the clean up was $30,000 to 50,000.

Smith's Diamond Labor Will Soon Shine For Marist; Saturday, August 31, 1991; 207th Year, No. 6; p. 1C.

       -Efforts of new baseball coach will hopefully pay off. He will have to adjust to new responsibilities from any job he has held.

Marist Students Protest Discipline; Thursday, September 19, 1991; 207th Year, No. 25; p. 1C; photo included.

       -Protesting suspension of 5 fraternity members and the that were being charged against the fraternity occurred off-campus.

Marist Completes Schedule, Assumption Fills Void In Fox Slate; Thursday, September 19, 1991; 207th Year, No. 25; p. 5C.

       -Marist Football team had to find another team to play after Brooklyn College football dropped out of football. They added on Assumption College to play on November 16 in Worchester, Massachusetts. A Marist football notebook is also included in article.

Marist's Dyson Center Open for '91; Saturday 21, 1991; 207th Year, No. 27; p. 2B; By, Alison Skratt.

       -More than 300 people attended the dedication of the Margaret M. and Charles H. Dyson Center on the Marist College campus. This facility is one of the most technologically advanced in the U.S. today.

Marist 1st President Enjoys Life In The Fast Lane; Friday, October 11, 1991; 207th Year, No. 47; p. 5A; photo included.

       -Brother Paul Ambrose, 1st President of Marist College {1943-1958), is still very active even at the age of 78. He does many things such as counsel Marist brothers, work with the school, and go on foreign ambassador missions. He enjoys being active and living at Marist again.

New Machine Allows Faster Tests On Blood at Marist's Laboratories; Tuesday, November 5, 1991; 207th Year, No. 72; p. 1B; By, Kevin O'Brian.

       -With the new blood analyzer at Marist College's chemistry laboratories, medical technology students can complete tests that use to take them 30 minutes in two minutes. A description of the old system used and the new system is given.

Fashion Fete Nears: Marist Students Set For The Silver Needle Show; Saturday, April 18, 1992; p. 10.

       -Students wrap up their year long preparation for the show to be held at the Mid-Hudson. Many notable NYC designers are expected to be at attendance.

T-Shirt Sale Part of Earth Day Festivities; Monday, April 20, 1992; p. 4A.

       -Local artist, Robert DaGasta makes Earth-Day T-shirts. A percentage of the profits he makes will go to Marist College.

Marist Planning Project; Friday, April 24, 1992; p. 1B.

       -College discussed plans with Town of Poughkeepsie Planning Board for new townhouses, residence halls, student center and campus green.

889 Graduate From Marist; Sunday, May 17, 1992; p. 1A; photos of graduates and the weather included; By, Christopher Landry.

       -A brief description of what happened at the 46th annual commencement ceremonies at Marist College.

Speaker To Grads: Rethink Old Attitudes; Sunday, May 17, 1992; p. 11A; photo of Fred Koslowski included; By, Christopher Landry.

       -Time magazine journalist, Bonnie Angelo highlighted Marist College's 46th commencement with a concise, and concrete message to the class of '92, on the banks of the Hudson River.

Opposite Personalities Find Similar Awards; Sunday May 17, 1992; p. 11A; By, Christopher Landry.

       -Christine Carbone and Lauren Brooks, best friends since first grade, graduate Marist College with the top two honors at the 46th Commencement ceremonies.

IBM Aiding Marist Poll: PC's To Speed Surveys; Monday, May 23, 1992; p. 1A; By, Dave L'Hiurewx.

       -Marist is giving up paper and pencil for their polls and switching to computer screens to speed up the polling process during the 1992 Presidential campaign with the help from IBM .

Marist Loses Fashion Chief; Saturday, June 13, 1992; p.1B.

       -Carmine Porcelli, director of Fashion Program for 5 years, resigned to start her own fashion school in NYC. She will continue to help with the search for a replacement.

Marist To Receive $1 million For High- tech Business Network; Friday, July 31, 1992; p. 1.

       -Governor Cuomo to sign bill to find a telecommunication network for small businesses, yo be effective April 1993-March 1996. Marist is to be the central location in Dutchess County, with 3 satellites.

Optimistic Parady Tackles First Marist Workout; Sunday, August 23, 1992; p. 11G.

       -Excited by excellent physical condition players returning to camp, new coach, Parady, believes to be able to compete in the conference.

Goldman Expects Exciting Season of Marist Soccer; Sunday, August 30, 1992; p. 5F.

       -Goldman has a mature team, that despite the loss of senior midfielder, George Brown to injury, could still contend. Thanks to implementation of off-season programs, Women's c.c. now competitive. Also, more recruits and inquires are a new feature.

Marist Pollster: Economy, Domestic Policy Key Issues; Thursday, September 13, 1992; p. 9A.

       -According to Lee M. Miringoff MIPO has found out that the public believes George Bush is unsure where he stands; Votes for Perot will definitely have a strong effect on Texas; Clinton increased chances with selection of Al Gore, but means nothing if he does not win the debate with Bush.

State Aid Cuts Total $5 million To Local Colleges; Monday, September 7, 1992; p. 1.

       -Marist sustains largest decreases losing $2,018, 119 in Bondy Aid, Tuition Assistance program, Regents Scholarships and Work study Funding.

Marist's 1-for-2 Deal: Bruce Harris Specials; Saturday, September 12, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Having two Bruce Harris' s starting on defense is not a problem for Marist. Both of these players will be playing key roles.

Marist Defense Stops Siena in Parady's Coaching Debut; Sunday, September 13, 1992; p. 56.

       -Marist defeat Siena 28-12. The Marist football team looked good in all aspects of the game.

Marist Student's Action Spurs Meeting; Monday, September 14, 1992; p. 5A.

       -Residents of Taylor Avenue and Talmadge Street are complaining of noise from parties of students. Marist will therefore enforce noise ordinance of parties to make sure there are no more complaints.

Residents Assail Students' Behavior; Tuesday, September 15, 1992; p. 1B.

       -Council says that they do not have any control over parties off campus by Marist students. The Marist school system claims that they have little control of students that live off campus. Residents of Poughkeepsie are labeling students animals and student are very offended.

Racial Graffiti Jars Marist; Thursday, September 17, 1992; p. 5B; photo of Marist worker removing graffiti.

       -Increase security after graffiti found on building housing minority programs, it included KKK writing.

Marist Could Face Gridlock if NEC Adds Football; Friday, September 18, 1992; p. 4C.

       -Marist College football's first year in the liberty conference could be its last year. A. P. Gene Doris is very apprehensive of this switch, but it depends on who else comes into the league if it will be worth it.

Marist Should Expect Dizzying Pace on Road; Friday, September 18, 1992; p. 36.

       - Setters run and shoot offense is new wrinkle. Pace's high provided offense and new 4 on 4 defense has coach Parady preparing for difficult game.

Sloppy Red Foxes Keep Record Undiminished; Sunday, September 20, 1992; p. 56.

       -The Red Foxes won 18-13 despite poor play. "We were very,very sloppy" Coach Jim Parady.

Marist Rated a Top Value in Education: '92 Barron's Guide Lists 300 Best Buys; Wednesday, September 23, 1992; p. 1B.

       -President Dennis Murray pleased, "It's nice when someone externally recognizes the quality of educations."

Marist Parties Spur Cause For Noise Ordinance: Proposal issued to Curb Decisively; Wednesday, September 23, 1992; p. 7B.

       -Hyde Park residents feel rowdy students are too much and need a ordinance.

Marist Is Set For Tough Part; Thursday, September 24, 1992; p. 7C.

       -Marist football to take on C.W. Post on Saturday. After this game they still have very tough games remaining.

Carraro Rushes To Red Foxes Rescue; Friday, September 25, 1992; p. 1E.

       - Sophomore fullback to carry ball running game burden with all time reading rushes out. According to Parady, his plays have carried the offense.

City, Marist Leaders Make Progress: Factions Ironing Out Student Noise Issues; Saturday, September 26, 1992; p. 1B.

       -Both groups agree to study approaches to curtail problem.

Foxes Take Tie, Spot in History: Marist Pushes Record Starts To 2-0-1 With Rally; Sunday, September 27, 1992; p. 1G.

       -Despite lackluster offense, staged miraculous 4th quarter comeback to devastate Post who had late lead.

Marist Women Run To Victory at Hunter; Sunday, September 27, 1992; p. 5G.

       -Women runners edge Wagner to win Hunter College International. Coach Phil Kelly excited for victory, and hopes to lend respect to team.

Foxes Hope To Feast On Home Cooking; Thursday, October 1, 1992; p. 8C.

       -Foxes to play first home game against Iona. Parady hopes that not having to travel will give team advantage over tough squad.

Clinton's N.Y. lead is 21 in Marist Poll; Saturday, October 3, 1992; p. 1A.

       -Lee Miringoff heard of MIPO, and say Perot is not a factor in N.Y.

Marist's Defense Key Against Passing Iona; Saturday, October 3, 1992; p. 6C.

       -Marist must contain very agile quarterback and their offense must show more consistency.

Iona's curse catches Marist again; Sunday, October 4, 1992; p. 1G. 

       -Lose 21-20 after being admittedly intimidated; a late comeback though still fell short.

Regrouping is the task for Marist; Red Foxes set for Homecoming; Friday, October 9, 1992; p 6C.

       -To play St. Francis tomorrow; Foxes hope to be able to recover from tough one point loss against difficult opponent.

Foxes' second-half fold dampens Homecoming; St. Francis swamps 14-14 halftime tie; Sunday, October 11, 1992; p. 2G.

       -Defense plays terrible in 42-14 loss.

Marist Cross-Country teams sweep to historic dual titles; Sunday, October 11, 1992; p. 2G.

       -Both men's and women's teams win big at Hofstra Invitational to mark fist time both teams won at same meet.

Foxes fare well through first half; Running backs, defensive line get grades; Saturday, October 17, 1992; p. 5C.

       -Football team has been inconsistent through first half of season; hopefully will rebound in the second part.

Marist Debating team gives Clinton the nod; Tuesday, October 20, 1992; p. 1A.

       -Say he won the recent debate against fellow candidates Bush and Perot; however he did not really shed any light on the issues.

Red Foxes have much at stake; Friday, October 23, 1992; p. 7C.

       -Will visit RPI on Saturday; have not beaten the Engineers since 1982- will be tough again this time.

Marist hopes to rebound at RPI; Marist Football in midst of 0-3-1 slide; Saturday October 24, 1992; p. 5C.

       -Looking for redemption against RPI; Coach Parady says team not "throwing the towel in on season."

Foxes find it's business as usual vs. RPI; Marist now 0-10-1 against the Engineers after latest loss; Sunday, October 25, 1992; p. 3G.

       -Strong showing for cross-country squad at conference meet.

Job hunt in earnest at Marist; Thursday, October 29, 1992; p. 9A.

       -Over 1200 attend fourth annual Career and Employer Expo; many there afraid what lurks in job market after graduation.

Red Foxes hoping best offense is stout defense again; Hockey team opens season on Saturday; Friday, October 30, 1992; p. 6C.

       -Team will emphasize defense in hope of creating better offensive opportunities.

St. John's gives Marist a chore in rolling Russo; Friday, October 30, 1992; p. 6C.

       -Marist to have hard time containing St. John's running back Russo; Parady hints Foxes to pass more this week.

Midnight Madness hits Fox women; Basketball squad set for first practice; Saturday, October 31, 1992; p. 5C.

       -Coach Ken Babineau anxious to start to get young team going.

Marist Football squad hopes to tackle rut; Foxes haven't won in last five games; Saturday, October 31, 1992; p. 5C.

       -Hopes to end longest winless streak in 5 years against St. John's.

Marist overruns St. John's; Sunday, November 1, 1992; p 1G.

       -Held St. John's running game down, while their own flourished and carried the offense in 23-15 win.

Marist anxious as practice begins; Late start fails to bother men's basketball team; Monday, November 2, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Magarity feels rejuvenated with a healthy team and impact freshman.

Sweetest of endings; Marist soccer team shocks St. John's to finish campaign; Wednesday, November 4, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Red Foxes knock off the #3 team in nation; "It has to be up there with as one of our biggest wins," Coach Howard Goldman.

Foxes seniors hope to finish strong; Friday, November 6, 1992; p. 2C.

       -The last home game of the season for football team will be the last ever for some seniors; with victory goal of finishing above .500 still within reach.

Marist Football squad hoping for winning year; Saturday, November 7, 1992; p. 5C.

       -With original goal of winning Liberty Conference out of reach, Red Foxes now hope to at least finish with a winning record.

Marist' s rookie crop making points from start with teammates, coaches; Sunday, November 8, 1992; p. 2G.

       -Alan Tomidy, Danny Basile, and Kareem Hill all fitting in great with team.

Riccardi puts cap on victory; Senior linebacker goes out in style with crucial play; Sunday, November 8, 1992; p. 3G.

       -His interception preserved 28-21 win over FDU in close game.

Marist rowers take two Metro races; Monday, November 9, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Men's and women's varsity eight boats finished first at New York Metropolitan Area Championships.

Marist picked second by NEC coaches; Wednesday, November 11, 1992; p. 3C.

       -At Northeast Conference media day coaches release annual survey.

Marist Swimmers cruise; Red Foxes roll with opening rout; Thursday, November 12, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Beat Central Connecticut 140-78; Coach Larry Van Wagner sees huge improvement from last year.

John Jay's Lesko signs with Marist; Babineau sees greatness for shooting guard; Friday, November 13, 1992; p. 7F.

       -Jean-Marie Lesko, a two-time NY State Class A Tournament MVP signs a National Letter of Intent with Marist.

Red Foxes end season with a loss; Sunday, November 15, 1992; p. 3G.

       -Despite 14-10 loss to Canisius, Coach Parady feels the outgoing seniors should be proud of what they have accomplished.

What's in a name? Recruit does Marist-to-Marist shuffle; Encarnacion will move from NJ to join Red Foxes; Thursday, November 19, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Randy Encarnacion, a six-foot guard, signs National Letter of Intent with Red Foxes.

Marist gets going with signing, tuneup; Upstate All-Stars in for exhibition; Friday, November 20, 1992; p. 4C.

       -Will play Upstate Summer Developmental League All- Stars (USDBL).

Physical Pisarczyk adds beef for Foxes; Friday, November 20, 1992; p 5C.

       -Marist signs 6-foot-8 forward Lucas Pisarczyk to National Letter of Intent.

The $63M boom; Building frenzy aids economy; Sunday, November 22, 1992; p. 1A.

       -Marist to spend $27M for new dorms and student center.

Marist wins exhibition game; Sunday, November 22, 1992; p. 2G.

       -With controlled consistent offense, Foxes prevail 107-85 over USDBL.

Injuries cloud picture for NEC women's teams; Marist picked to finish sixth in basketball race; Tuesday, November 24, 1992; p. 1G.

Red Foxes face 'real' test; Thursday, November 26, 1992; p. 7E.

       -Will face the Ukraine National team, a much bigger and stronger opponent than in last game.

Ukraine defeats Marist; Saturday, November 28, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Foxes shot poorly allowing easy opportunities to slip away in 86-66 loss.

Schreiber's versatility a Fox key; Swingman strengthens Marist's team depth; Saturday, November 28, 1992; p. 1C.

       -The 6-foot-7, 220 pound business marketing major a very important part of basketball team's success.

Momentum drives Marist with opener on tap; Experienced Foxes face Siena tonight; Tuesday, December 1, 1992; p. 4C.

       -Team optimistic with the return of Fred Ingles for first time since last December.

Foxes falter in stretch; Siena rally spoils Marist' s opener; Wednesday, December 2, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Could not capitalize on two chances to win, but still played well in 62-60 loss.

Babineau hopes positive emotion will carry team; Thursday, December 3, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Hopes to be successful with young team.

Offense will keep Foxes in motion; Variety of options key approach; Thursday, December 3, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Despite many injuries, Coach Babineau will implement a motion offense to create more scoring opportunities.

Poor scoring, poor showing; Foxes struggle from floor; Saturday, December 5, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Marist offense anemic in losing effort to Virginia Commonwealth university, losing 86-61.

Tomidy stands tall in Fox loss; Saturday, December 5, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Freshman Alan Tomidy puts in an impressive showing against potential All-American.

Marist slips past S. Miss to end December freeze; Red Foxes bring home tourney consolation prize; Sunday, December 6, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Team much more poised in this victory than in last night's defeat, beating Southern Mississippi, 78-69, in consolation game of Syracuse Carrier Classic.

Improving Red Foxes to challenge Manhattan; Tuesday, December 8, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Hope to build off previous victory over S. Miss against potential rival to win Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

Foxes close, but fall again; Marist's MAAC blues continue; Wednesday, December 9, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Though having played well, Foxes still couldn't secure victory in 62-59 loss to Manhattan.

Intense Marist women finally get the best of Army; Wednesday, December 9, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Patient play enabled Red Foxes to capitalize on Army's poor shot selection in 51-43 victory.

Close games not going Marist's way; Foxes looking to reach .500 at own tourney; Wednesday, December 11, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Despite playing well Red Fox men only 1-3; hope to change that during Pepsi-Marist Classic tonight against Lafayette.

Schreiber lifts Foxes; three-pointer nips Lafayette in final seconds; Saturday, December 12, 1992; p. 3C.

       -Mike Schreiber's clutch 3-pointer leads Marist to victory in opening round of Pepsi-Marist Classic.

Red Foxes overwhelm Central Connecticut; Buchanan nets MVP; Sunday, December 13, 1992; p. 1E.

       -All 14 players on team score in rout over Central Connecticut State, 101-81; Izett Buchanan set the pace and was rewarded with tourney MVP.

Buchanan shines for MVP; Sunday, December 13, 1992; p. 2E.

       -Izett Buchanan complemented stellar offensive game with great defense.

Marist players double-team NEC weekly honors; Buchanan, Fields are top performers; Tuesday, December 15, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Izett Buchanan and Charlene Fields named the Northeast

Conference Players of the Week for week ending December 13. Marist women are thwarted; Tuesday, December 22, 1992; p. 2C.

       -Despite being heavily out rebounded, still had last shot with a chance to win, but were unable to and lose to Idaho St. 61-60 at the University of San Francisco Met-Life Classic.

Fields nets milestone in Fox women's loss; Wednesday December 23, 1992; p. 1E.

       -Despite Charlene Field's scoring her 1000th career point, Marist loses to Southern Utah 79-59 in a 'flat' effort.

Marist forward: Marist Forward Fred Ingles; Thursday, December 24, 1992; p. 1E.

       -Despite unorthodox style and injury, Ingles a success at Marist.

Focused Foxes looking for wins; Big Island event is appetizer for NEC play; Sunday, December 27, 1992; p. 1G.

       -Hope to avoid distractions of Hilo, Hawaii at second annual Big Island Invitational, opening against Ball State.

Smooth-running Foxes top Hilo; Wednesday, December 30, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Play well and pull-out a very close game, defeating Hawaii Hilo, 85-78.

Injuries, layoff hurt Red Foxes; Wednesday, December 30, 1992; p. 5C.

       -The 16 day layoff was tough on team, as inconsistent play costs them game against Ball State, 78-64.

Red Foxes can' t sustain early burst in tumbling; Thursday, December 31, 1992; p. 1C.

       -Men hoopsters blow an 11-point halftime lead, becoming cold from the outside, and lose to Missouri 69-56.

Red Foxes face FDU in conference opener; Tuesday, January 5, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Marist hopes to get quick conference win against 1-5 team.

Lake's clutch shot propel Red Foxes; Wednesday, January 6, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Andy Lake's shot with less than 4 seconds left leads late comeback over Fairleigh Dickinson University, 68-67.

Marist to meet Buffalo; Fifteen-day layoff helps women prepare for contest; Wednesday, January 6, 1993; p. 3C.

-Red Foxes hope to get back on winning track against University at Buffalo.

Red Foxes stonewall Buffalo; Marist picks-up win behind solid defense; Thursday, January 7, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Women able to take control of otherwise slow-paced game, winning 78-68.

Marist to get first taste of new NEC squad; Rider has started strong in league; Saturday, January 9, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Men to face tough foe in Rider, a team who has been playing well.

Foxes can't slow Rider, Suber; Sunday, January 10, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Offense faltering during clutch time, along with 20 turnovers too much to stop Rider, as Marist loses 83-73.

Marist: Less turnovers, more offense needed; Red Foxes looking for second NEC win vs. MSM tonight; Monday, January 11, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Red Fox men hope to bounce back tonight against Mount St. Mary's.

Mount stays hot by manhandling sluggish Foxes; Marist drops to 1-2 in NEC; Tuesday, January 12, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Team plays terribly in loss to Mount St. Mary's 90-74.

Fox women find 'the road' is no place like home; Marist drops second straight NEC away game; Tuesday, January 12, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Team maintains a positive attitude with a strong second half; however, not enough to win, as Mount St. Mary's wins 76-69.

Red Foxes fall to LIU in OT; Friday, January 15, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Inconsistency holds team back in 72-71 loss.

'Relaxed' Marist falls to Long Island; LIU captures first NEC win; Friday, January 15, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Fox women shoot terribly in a very poor effort, losing 53-51.

Foxes hope to avoid the NEC cellar; Saturday, January 16, 1993; p. 6C.

       -In search of victory, the Marist Men hope to avoid falling into last place against St. Francis(NY).

Foxes struggle, snap skid; Free-throws key to Marist win; Sunday, January 17, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Despite a teamwide struggle, Marist men pull out victory in overtime, 77-72.

Red Foxes lose Buchanan; Top score is declared ineligible; Wednesday, January 20, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Men's basketball team to miss leading scorer greatly as he has to sit out the remainder of season due to academic ineligibility.

Marist hits low point in loss to Monmouth; Buchanan-less Foxes looking for answers; Friday, January 27, 1993; p. 1D.

       -In losing 83-59, the men's basketball team labelled this game 'the worst of the season.'

Marist Women rebound, top Monmouth; Friday, January 27, 1993; p. 3D.

       -The Red Fox women rebounded well and were able to pull off a good come from behind victory, 72-66.

For Marist, tonight a chance at redemption; Saturday, January 23, 1993; p. 5C.

       -The men's basketball team hopes to rebound quickly against Robert Morris after terrible showing two nights ago.

Foxes ride youth movement; Freshman key Marist victory; Sunday, January 24, 1993; p. 1E.

       -Freshmen Danny Basile and Alan Tomidy lead team on both ends of floor in 72-60 win over Robert Morris.

Freshman Walsh sparks Foxes; Marist defeats Robert Morris in overtime, 71-68; Sunday, January 24, 1993; p. 2E.

       -Freshman foward Tara Walsh scored the last six points in overtime to lead basketball team to key victory.

Marist Football out in the cold; MAAC grid league eliminates Liberty Conference; Wednesday, January 27, 1993; p. 3D.

       -Marist not invited to join the larger part of the Metro Athletic Conference after the Liberty Conference disbanded hopefully the team will be in the Northeast Conference soon.

Dunbar provides needed offense for Red Foxes; Thursday, January 28, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Dexter Dunbar hopes to continue his hot shooting touch tonight against St. Francis(PA).

Offensive woes bury Foxes; Marist totals lowest output; Friday, January 29, 1993; p. 1C.

       -The men's basketball team was admittedly lacking 'mental focus' as stupid plays cost game against St. Francis(PA), 64-51.

Foxes giftwrap victory for Fairfield; Turnovers in stretch dash Marist's hopes; Sunday, January 31, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Coach Dave Magarity calls loss 'ridiculous' and says his team 'gave the game away', going down 61-56.

Foxes try to pick up the pieces; Monday, February 1, 1993; p. 3c.

       -The Marist Men's basketball team hopes not to blow easy opportunities tonight like they have been when they host Wagner tonight.

Red Foxes stun Wagner; Marist rebounds for NEC victory; Tuesday, February 2, 1993; p. 1E.

       -Men are finally able to execute in final minutes and pull out 57-52 victory over Wagner.

Wagner's late rally foils Foxes; Tuesday, February 2, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Marist Women's Basketball team blow a 4 game winning streak and a 7 point halftime lead, losing to Wagner 61-60.

Marist Library to house Hudson River papers; Thursday, February 4, 1993; p. 1B.

       -There will be over 1,500 documents dating back to dawn of national environmental movement which detail scientific studies of Hudson River at facility.

Marist looks for two in a row; Saturday, February 6, 1993; p. 3C.

       -According to Coach Dave Magarity the men hope to discontinue trend of disappointing losses following a big win against FDU.

Marist women grab upset; Foxes halt FDU's streak; Sunday, February 7, 1993; p. 2G.

       -By taking advantage of FDU's squandered scoring chances and making clutch shots of their own, Foxes pull off 62-60 win.

Bench production key as Marist rolls; Chodkowski, Lake set pace in 'team' win; Sunday, February 7, 1993; p. 3G.

       -In an all-around team effort, Foxes easily beat FDU 84-76.

Marist punching out pain of losses with win streak; Red Foxes look for third in a row in game vs. Mount St. Mary; Tuesday, February 9,  1993; p. 3C.

       -Men's basketball team beginning to turn season around.

Foxes sizzle turns to fizzle; Offense dries up late in setback; Wednesday, February 10, 1993; p. 1E.

       -Once again the Marist men cannot convert late in game to force overtime, losing to Mount St. Mary's 72-67.

Red Foxes shoot down another league power; Wednesday, February 10, 1993; p. 5E.

       -Despite the close score, the Marist women kept Mount St. Mary's offense off-balance the whole game, winning 76-73.

Suber on hot streak as Rider visits Marist; Bronc's top scorer averaging 23 points; Thursday, February 11, 1993; p. 7D.

       -Men hope to contain him in game tonight.

Second-half run propels Red Foxes past Rider; Friday, February 12, 1993; p. 1D.

       -Marist men able to overcome an 8-point halftime deficit with a change of defensive strategies and win 69-65.

Foxes break Bronc's with double-OT win; Friday, February 12, 1993; p. 3D.

       -Women beat Rider 78-75 in an exciting come from behind game.

Red Foxes battle flu bug, Terriers; Tomidy remains questionable; Saturday, February 13, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Despite missing practice all week with the flu, Alan Tomidy hopes to be in the line-up tonight against St. Francis (NY).

Red Foxes roll past Terriers; Sunday, February 14, 1993; p. 1G.

       -After a poor first half showing, Marist men came out and played exceptional in the second half to defeat St. Francis(NY) 89-77.

Balanced attack vaults Marist past St. Francis (NY); Sunday, February 14, 1993; p. 3G.

       -Marist women win 79-63 and improve their record to 11-8.

Private colleges may lose $1.SM. in student aid; Marist may bear brunt of state cuts; Monday, February 15, 1993; p. 1A.

       -Governor Cuomo proposes to slash aid, with Marist slated to lose $822,724.

Improving Foxes Topple LIU: Ingles Leads With 31 Points; Tuesday, February 16, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Men basketball won 108-97. They return to .500 mark (12-12)with impressive shooting performance.

Enigmatic Marist Women Tumble at LIU: Excellent Streak Ends in 61-56 Loss; Tuesday, February 16, 1993; p. 3C . 

       -Poor performance has cost Marist women's basketball upset. Coach thinks that the team might have taken LIU "lightly."

Frosh Quartet Boosts Marist Women; Wednesday, February 17, 1993; p. 1C; photo included.

       -Stacy Dingler, Tara Walsh, Melissa Hauser, and Jill Heller have team playing well.

Pickets Marist: Use Union Labor; Thursday, February 18, 1993; p. 1B; photo included.

       -150 Union carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other construction unions urge Marist to use union labor on $27 million project of dorms and student center.

Red Foxes Look To Silence Hot Wagner; Thursday, February 18, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Red Foxes have difficult task in 13-9 Wagner, on Staten Island. Marist expects a tough crowd.

Fox Swimmers Look To Place In Top Three; Thursday, February 18, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Coach Larry Van Wagner hopes for "respectable"finish at the Metropolitan Conference Swimming and Diving Championships.

Wagner Derails Foxes Streak; Friday, February 19, 1993; p. 1E.

       -Men basketball loses 81-64. The shooters went cold in the second half.

Marist Fourth at Metro After Plethora of Career Test Swims; Friday, February 19, 1993; p. 3E.

       -Had 19 career best out of 21 swims to stay in second place.

Red Foxes Move Up With Win; Friday, February 19, 1993; p. 3E.

       -Women basketball defeated Wagner 62-59 and their rebounding was the key.

Marist Faces NEC Test; Saturday, February 20, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Marist hopes to move into third place with a victory over Monmouth tonight and they try to prevent another late collapse.

Foxes Shoot Down Monomuth: Potent Offense Keys Comeback; Sunday, February 21, 1993; p. 16.

       -Mens Basketball wins 71-68 and Magaritys 11 odd11 strategy of shooting more in second half proves successful.

Foxes Have Fields Day: Senior scores 28 in Marist Victory; Sunday, February 21, 1993; p. 26.

       -Led by Charlene Fields, women defeat Monmouth easily 63-51.

Red Foxes Not Underestimating Lowly Cadets: Challenge Cup on Line Tonight; Tuesday, February, 23, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Despite 3-20 record, Coach Magarity has no intention of  letting "Army be taken lightly."

Foxes Beat Down Fordham by 10: Fields Puts In 30 In Non-league Win; Tuesday, February 23, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Minimum turnovers key to 77-67 victory.

Army Marches Over Foxes; Wednesday, February 24, 1993; p. 1D.

       -Men lose 75-67 after Army jumped out to early advantage.

Marist's Lack of Preparation Shows; Wednesday, February 24, 1993; p. 3D.

       -Whole team acknowledges lack of "showing up to play", costs the game.

Red Foxes Are Looking To Rebound; Thursday, February 25, 1993; p. 3D.

       -Men to take on 7-17 Robert Morris in a game they should win.

Marist Falters Down Stretch; Friday, February 26, 1993; p. 1F.

       -Dexter Dunbars turnover late sealed the defeat by Robert Morris 84-82.

Foxes Hope To Set Positive Playoff Tone With Win Over St. Francis (PA) Tonight; Saturday, February 27, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Despite the 13-15 overall record, men are 9-8 in conference and could clinch playoff birth tonight.

Foxes Close Strong; Sunday, February 28, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Paced by Alan Tomidy's 20 points, Men's basketball beat St. Francis (PA) 86-66 to clinch home quarterfinal playoff game.

Marist Answers Coach's Charge: Red Foxes Rally For Ninth Victory in Last 10 Games; Sunday, February 28, 1993; p. 3G.

       -Coach Ken Babineau' s half - time tirade motivates women to victory over St. Francis (PA) 82-73.

Tomidy and Basile Add Spice to Foxes; Wednesday, March 3, 1993; p. 3C; photo included.

       -Freshmen Alan Tomidy and Danny Basile have both been big contributors in rookie season.

Marist Awaits Familiar Foe: Do-Or-Die Time Arrives Tonight; Thursday, March 4, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Men to take on Fairleigh Dickinson in Northwest Conference game tonight.

Fox Women Have Plenty To Play For; Thursday, March 4, 1993; p. 3C.

       -If the women's basketball team can eat FDU they have secured themselves third place in NEC.

All The Marist Men Can Do Is Fold-Up Tents, Wonder Why?: FDU Defeat Ends Season; Thursday, March 4, 1993; p. 3C. 

       -After 81-62 loss Thursday night, Red Foxes are forced to wait until next year.

Red Foxes Outlast FDU: Marist Nips FDU to finish on Roll; Sunday, March 7, 1993; p. 2G.

       -Women establish themselves as contenders with 72-71 victory.

Marist's Fields Is Tops In NEC: Dengler Named To Newcomer Team; Tuesday, March 9,1993; p. 1e.

       -Senior basketball captain Charlene Fields the Northeast Conference player of the year, while freshmen Stacy Dengler is put on the All-newcomer team.

Marist Breaks Playoff Drought; Thursday, March 11, 1993; p. 1D.

       -Despite a late score, Women's basketball team holds on to defeat Wagner 61-57.

Fairleigh Dickinson Fells Heat Of Torrid Foxes; Friday, March 12, 1993; p. 1C.

       -FDU, though ranked first in tournament, has lost to Marist women twice already. If Red Foxes 11 Stay Loose" victory is within reach.

Marist Stops Top Seeded FDU; Saturday, March 13, 1993; p. 1c.

       -Women dominate all aspects of the game, 81-67.

Magarity's Marist Future id Unsettled: Veteran Coach Has One Year Remaining On Four Year Deal; Sunday, March 14, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Uncertainty linked to disappointing season.

Marist Baseball Squad Looking For Improvement: Manager Smith is Returning Eight Starters from '92; Sunday, March 14, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Hopes for around 20-30 wins with strong nucleus returning.

Marist's Run Hits Roadblock: Mount St. Mary's Snaps Foxes Streak in NEC Title Game; Monday, March 15, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Men lose 82-61 in a very flat fashion. They were dominated by the other team the whole game.

Marist Lacrosse Team Battles Back To Pull Out 14-13 Victory Over UMA; Saturday, March 20, 1993; p. 5G.

       -Avenge heart breaking loss last year.

Students Get Assist on Future From Current Marist Minds: Fox Threesome Tells Youngsters To Stay In School; Thursday, March 29, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Poughkeepsie Middle School students enjoy visit from basketball players Alan Tomidy, Kareem Hill, and assistant coach Steven Savers.

Marist Considers Expansion Into Orange County This Fall; Sunday, March 28, 1993; p. 5B.

       -Hope to offer graduate courses at leased facility in Goshen.

Marist Lacrosse Team Is Drubbed In Road Loss To Mount St. Mary's; Tuesday, March 30, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Men destroyed 29-6 in Maryland.

Marist, Iona Plays To 9-9 Baseball Tie: Darkness Forces Deadlock After Foxes Late Rally; Thursday, April 1, 1993; p. 3C.

Red Foxes Baseball Team Rolls: Extra-inning Win Is First For Team; Sunday, April 4, 1993; p. 2C.

       -Defeat Rider 5-3 in 13 innings.

Students Want Condoms On Campus: Marist Officials Continue Ban on Distribution; Monday, April 5, 1993; p. 5A.

       -School defends position of trying to promote maturity and planning in sexual relationships.

Hall Hammers Foxes: Big East Power House Spoils Home Opener; Wednesday, April 7, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Seton Hall 9, Marist 1: Red Foxes unable to contain Seton Hall offense.

Southworth Provides Spark as Red Foxes Split Twinbill: Softball Team Improves To 7-5; Wednesday, April 7, 1993; p. 3C.

       -After losing first game to Army 4-1, The team came back to win 7-2 in nightcap.

Marist Graduates To Hear Actor James Earl Jones; Thursday, April 8, 1993; p. 4B.

       -James Earl Jones will deliver commencement address May 22 and be bestowed with an honorary doctorate of fine arts degree.

Red Foxes Keep Improving By Taking Two From Wagner: Softball Team Has 10 Victories; Friday, April 9, 1993; p. 4C; photo included.

       -Won 6-5 and 6-2, team seems to improve with every game.

Local Talent Helps Red Foxes Forget Last Years Softball Mark; Sunday, April 11, 1993; p. 2F.

       -Track, Lacrosse, tennis teams all optimistic.

Bourne- led Red Foxes Roll: Home Run Gets Marist Going in 2-3 Victory; Wednesday, April 14, 1993; p. 5C.

       -Matt Bourne's first inning home run sets tone for victory over New York Tech.

Wheels Come Off For Marist Baseball Team; Foxes Succumb To Hartford 12-3; Thursday, April 15, 1993; p. 7C.

       -Jump to early lead, but pitching disappointing.

Marist Loses Two; Monday, April 19, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Softball team swept by St. Francis (NY) 5-4 and 3-0.

Marist Swept; Monday, April 19, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Baseball team loses to Fairleigh Dickinson 3-2 and 8-4.

Marist 15, Manhattan 1; Thursday, April 22, 1993; p. 7C.

       -Red Foxes led by Matt Bourne's two hits.

Butler's McCabe, from National Junior College Basketball Powerhouse; Saturday, April 24, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Butler Community College, signs a national letter of consent.

Marist Drops Pair; Sunday, April 25, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Baseball team slips gently to 6-21-3. losing to Monmouth 10-0, 4-0.

Marist Splits; Sunday, May 2. 1993; p. 10G.

       -Score 7 runs in 7th inning to defeat Wagner 8-3, but lose second game 6-4.

Marist Reunites Records: Red Foxes Top Wagner in Finale of Regular Season; Monday, May 3, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Win 8-6, while collecting school record 17 hits.

Softball; Monday, May 3, 1993; p. 3C.

       -Red Foxes win first game 6-2 over St. Johns, but drop second 8-2.

Marist Women Looking Forward To Playing For Automatic Bid: NEC League Champ Will Now Advance To NCAA Tourney; Sunday, May 9, 1993; p. 5F.

       -Women's basketball team excited about potential chance to make the NCAA tournament.

Actor: Life's A Stage: Jones Addresses 907 Marist Grads; Sunday, May 5, 1993; p. 1A; photo of James Earl Jones.

       -James Earl Jones gave the Marist commencement speech to over 7,000 in attendance, he involved images of his life's journey and the possibility of success.

Grad's Perseverance Heartens, Amazes, Muscular Dystrophy Wasn't A Hardship; Sunday, May 5, 1993; p. 9A; list of local graduates included.

       -James Stewart, 40, of Lagrange, did not allow muscular to keep him from a bachelor's degree in computer information services.

85 win Marist scholarships; Wednesday May 26, 1993; p.3B.

       -85 students from select schools around the Hudson valley were given scholarships based on Academics and community service.

Great Expectations, Not - So-Great Results: No Place But Up For Marist Baseball; Sunday, June 13, 1994; p. 1G; photo included.

       -Art Smith hopes to begin recruiting more heavily and raise the talent level on teams while also creating chemistry necessary to win.

Marist Football Program To Join MAAC in '94: Baseball Could Come Next; Friday, June 18, 1993; p. 1C.

       -Red Foxes will jump from Division III to Division I-A in move to new league in September 1994.

Marist Has MAAC Attack: Foxes Like Idea Of Joining League On Full Time Basis; Friday, June 18, 1993; p. 3C; photo included.

       -School likes that league is very stable and willing to commit to the school.

Housing On Track For Marist Opening: Residence 1st Step in $27 Million Expansion; Wednesday, July 28, 1993; p. 1B; photo included.

       -Eight buildings which will house 144 students expect to be open for September. Student body Pres. Kent Rinehart calls the apartments "absolutely beautiful."

Parady Points Marist Football Team Toward Playoff; Monday, August 23, 1993; p. 5C.

       -2nd Year coach hopes for vast improvement with many returning starters.

Marist To Lease City Parcel; Tuesday, August 23, 1993; p. 1B.

       -School to pay $500 per a year for half-acre of land adjacent to city water plant, letting campus use the space as a parking lot for students.

Magazine Pegs Red Foxes No. 4 Preseason: Dan Hansen Likes Large Number of Returning Starts; Saturday, August 28, 1993; p. 4C.

       -Team very excited about being ranked 4th in their first season in Division I-A.

Experienced Foxes Hope Move Up Is Positive Step: New Affiliation, 19 starters highlight 1993; Sunday, August 29, 1993; p. 5H.

       -Hope to improve on last years 4-5-1, optimistic because of "great mixture returning veteran players with some hungry young kids."

Foxes Give Memory Of Upset The Boat: Goldman's Soccer Team Has New Personnel Following '92 Stunner; Wednesday, September 1, 1993; p. 5C.

       -Despite big victory over nationally ranked St. Johns to end season, Coach Dr. Howard Goldman has to be cautious with so many new players.

Marist's Lineups Strikingly Familiar: Mclourt To Start At Quarterback; Friday, September 9, 1993; p. 5C.

       -Opening day lineup tomorrow against St. Francis (PA) very similar to last years.

Marist Out To Avenge Huge Loss At St. Francis; Saturday, September 11, 1993; p. 4C.

       -Hope to gain revenge for drubbing taken last season by containing potent offense.

Foxes Stifle St. Francis Behind 'D' : Second-half Comeback Nets Road Victory; Sunday, September 12, 1993; p. 1G.

       -Beat St. Francis (PA) 16-7 with a "strong defensive effort" led by senior Jeremy Thode's 4 sacks.

Robert Morris 2, Marist O; Sunday, September 12, 1993; p. 6G.

       -Red Foxes shut out by tough defense.

Review Of Marist Safety Sought: Students Push More After Rape Reported; Wednesday, September 15, 1993; p. 4B.

       -Students uneasy on campus after rape, seeking more security measures around campus.

Marist's Dunbar Will Miss Season: Academic Problems Shelve Point Guard; Thursday, September 16, 1993; p. 1e.

       -Red Foxes will academically Red Shirt one of their leading scores, Dexter Dunbar and secure a year of his eligibility.

Preparation Propels Marist Defender: Pressuring QB's is Thode's Goal; Friday, September 17, 1993; p. 1D; photo included.

       -Defensive line man Jeremy Thode leads defenses charge to quarterback.

Marist Can't Afford Not To Keep Pace Today; Saturday, September 18, 1993; p. 4C.

       -Coach Jim Parady guarding against let down after win in opener, will have to contend with a dangerous run and shoot offense against Pace.

Red Foxes Rip Pace To Go 2-0; Sunday, September 19, 1993; p. 1G; photo included.

       -Destroy Pace 47-19 with an impressive all around effort.

Drexel too much for Foxes; Friday,December 31, 1993; p. 1E.

       -Marist in the whole game but could not overcome a balanced attack, losing 75-65.

Encarnacion's persistence pushes Foxes; Tuesday, January 4 1994; p. 1E.

       -Look for the freshman to lead the team against Mt. St. Mary's.

Marist rolls in 2nd half; Wednesday, January 5, 1994; p. 1E.

       -Unheralded players Kareem Hill, Greg Chadkowski, and Chuck Davis lead rally in 86-73 win.

Marist women face NEC foe Rider; Thursday, January 6,1994; p. 6C.

       -Coach Ken Babineau not worried yet.

Marist crunches Rider in OT; Friday, January 7, 1994; p. 1E.

       -Basile, Buchanan lead balanced attack in 76-69 win.

Lesko injured as Red Foxes fall to Rider; Friday, January 7, 1994; p. 1E.

       -Foxes leading scorer Jean-Marie Lesko may be out for the season as Marist gets demolished 90-65.

FDU derails Red Foxes; Sunday, January 9, 1994; p. 1E.

       -Late slump in game causes defeat 80-71.

Marist women strong down stretch; Monday, January 10, 1994; p. 1C.

       -A late run and clutch foul shooting lifted the women to a 78-69 victory.

Red Foxes suffer rout; Friday, January 14, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Magarity calls loss "horrible".

Marist women cruise past Robert Morris; Friday, January 14, 1994; p. 4C.

       -A balanced offensive attack leads women to 85-70 win.

Basile's 20 points propels Foxes past Fairfield; Sunday, January 16,1994; p. 1G.

       -Marist wins tough game 67-63.

St. Francis (PA) topples Marist by 33; Sunday, January 19, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Team got their "butts kicked" according to Coach Babineau.

Marist hoping for home feast; Tuesday, January 18, 1994; p.4c.

       -Hope to continue winning ways against LIU.

Surging Foxes run past LIU; Wednesday, January 19, 1994; p. 1c.

       -Led by Alan Tomidy's 28 points and 15 rebounds Foxes blow out LIU 108-82.

Hot Tomidy set for classes, St. Francis (NY); Thursday, January 20,1994; p.4c.

       -Alan Tomidy starts his first class of the semester and leads his team into a game with St. Francis (NY).

Foxes rout St. Francis (NY); Friday, January 21, 1994; p. 1D.

       -Buchanan and Basile powered the offense in the 92-76 win.

Keys lifts Marist in NEC triumph; Friday, January 21, 1994; p. 1D.

       -Her 15 points and 13 rebounds lead women to 71-57 victory over St. Francis (NY).

Buchanan blasts Wagner; Sunday, January 23, 1994; p. 1G.

       -Izett Buchanan's 20 points led Marist to a huge win.

Buzzer beater lifts Wagner over women; Sunday, January 23, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Women lose heartbreaker after staging comeback, 60-59.

High riding Foxes face another tough challenge; Monday, January 24, 1994; p. 6C.

       -Will have ends full of defense against high powered offense.

Late dry spell costs Foxes; Tuesday, January 25, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Marist fails to score in final 57 seconds.

Cold shooting key to loss; Tuesday, January 25, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Shooters unable to connect as women fall.

Struggling women try to rebound; Saturday, January 29, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Will try to defeat 1-15 FDU to get back on track.

FDU stuns Foxes; Sunday, January 30, 1994; p. 1G.

       -Controversial call set up winning free throws for FDU.

Marist women rout FDU; January 30, 1994; p. 4G.

       -Dengler scores 21 points in win over FDU.

Women face key battle; Thursday, February 3, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Women hope to stay consistent in their play against St. Francis (PA).

Foxes turn up the heat in OT; Friday, February 4, 1994; p. 1C.

       -The Red Foxes come out shooting in OT top St. Francis (PA).

St. Francis tops women; Friday, February 4, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Inconsistency costs women in huge loss.

Foxes face danger in Robert Morris; Saturday, February 5, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Foxes look to focus on defense in game tonight.

Robert Morris routs Foxes; Sunday, February 6, 1994; p. 4G.

       -Foxes lack intensity in second half.

Robert Morris remedy for women; Sunday, February 6, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Caroll leads way as Foxes roll 65-56.

Marist captures first title; Monday, February 7, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Women's swimming and diving team captures it's first MCC championship.

Foxes mission is just win; Thursday, February 10, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Men know they should beat this team.

Marist rolls past Terriers; Friday, February 11, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Men roll past St. Francis, 99-87.

Marist women cruise; Friday, February 11, 1994; p. 4C.

       -10 players score for Marist as they win easily, 90-67.

51! Buchanan leads Foxes; Sunday, February 13, 1994; p. 1G.

       -Izett Buchanan's 51 points leads Marist to a school record, winning 115-108.

Women suffer cold spell; Sunday, February 13, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Loss a letdown after big win two days earlier.

Marist falls at buzzer; Thursday February 17, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Coach Magarity blasts officiating as Foxes fall 65-63 to Monmouth.

Foxes nip Wagner; Sunday, February 20, 1994; p. 1G.

       -In a back and forth Izett Buchanan scored 24 to bring home a 72- 67 win.

Marist women top Wagner; Sunday, February 20, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Keys scores a career high 30 to lead Foxes 70-58.

Foxes stun Rider; Sunday, February 27 1994; p. 1G.

       -Marist secured a place in the NEC tourney with a 63-59 win.

Women remain hot; Sunday, February 27 1994; p. 6G.

       -Women roll over Rider 67-63 with clutch foul shooting.

Buchanan named NEC player of the year; Tuesday, March 1, 1994; p. 1C.

       -The 6'6" guard was named NEC player of the year as he led the league in scoring.

Students make significant discovery; Thursday, March 3, 1994; p. 1B.

       -40 students from area high schools participated at a seminar at Marist for those interested in Science.

Robert Morris slams Marist; Thursday, March 3, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Robert Morris recorded a three-peat against Marist 71-52 in the NEC tourney.

Magarity's status now in question; Friday, March 4, 1994; p. 1C.

       -The status of Dave Magarity as head coach now becomes the focus of the basketball team.

Women finish strong; Friday, March 4, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Fox women get revenge on LIU with 72-58 victory.

Upstart women set for Rider; Tuesday, March 8, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Late season victory could be the key to victory.

Marist women eliminated; Wednesday, March 9, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Inconsistency hurts women as they fall 76-54.

Season opens in North Carolina; Sunday, March 13, 1994; p. 8G.

       -Foxes open baseball season against teams already twenty games into their season as they face nationally ranked teams in NC.

Marist keeps Magarity; Tuesday, March 15, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Marist signed 8 year coach Dave Magarity to a multi year contract the school announced yesterday.

Layoffs at Marist draw fire; Friday, March 18, 1994;

       -Clerical, secretarial, and others plan protest of job losses.

Marist lacrosse in shape to improve; Wednesday, March 23, 1994; p. 4C.

       -The Marist lacrosse teams looks to improve by concentrating on team defense and endurance.

Programming protested by Social groups; Wednesday, March 30, 1994; p. 1B.

       -40 college students protested Marist's lack of cultural diversity on the campus and seek more diversity.

Marist suspends softball coach; Wednesday, March, 30, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Tom Chiavelli has been temporarily suspended by the college, details for why were not revealed.

Marist's Hudson throws gem; Thursday, March, 31,1994; p. 1C.

       -Freshman from San Diego, Michelle Hudson, threw a no hitter and raised the spirits of the team amid controversy.

Marist fires Chiavelli; Friday, April 1, 1994; p. 1C.

       -"Irreconcilable differences" lead to the coaches ouster after allegations of NCAA violations.

Foxes gain dramatic victory; Saturday, April 2, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Mick Foster's double in the ninth drove in Matt Bourne for the Foxes 7-6 win.

Wagner tops Marist; Tuesday April 5, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Errors cost Marist as they fall to Wagner 7-3.

Marist softball takes two from Rider; Wednesday, April 6, 1994; p. 6C.

       -Sweep doubleheader with two 2-1 victories as players adapt to the new coaches.

Marist loses again; Thursday, April 7, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Jeff Goodin's solid pitching performance was wasted in a 6-5 loss to Seton Hall.

Marist splits with Mt. St. Mary's; Sunday, April 10, 1994; p. 6G.

       -Marist got six runs in the fifth to take the opener 8-4 but dropped the second game 3-1.

Hudson hurls perfect game; Tuesday, April 12, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Michelle Hudson threw the first perfect game in school history to lead Marist to its sweep over LIU.

Red Foxes cruise; Tuesday, April 12, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Marist continued to turn their season around by pounding Mt. St. Marys 9-5.

Santiago shines for Foxes; Thursday, April 14, 1994; p. 1C.

       -George Santiago has surprised many with his play in the infield and his surprise hitting as well.

Marist cage star faces felony charges; Friday, April 15, 1994; p. 1B.

       -Police say Izett Buchanan stole and used credit cards to buy various items.

Buchanan's arrest hits home; Saturday, April 16, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Officials at Marist including head basketball coach Dave Magarity express disbelief in arrest of Izett Buchanan.

Buchanan Haggerty co-winner; Tuesday, April 19, 1994; p. 1C.

       -Izett Buchanan was named winner of the Haggerty award given to the best collegiate player in the Metropolitan area.

Foxes surge past Fairfield; Wednesday, April 20, 1994; p. 4C.

       -Marist stopped a 4 game losing streak by surging past the Stags 7-1.

Crew aims to defend the President's cup; Friday April 22, 1994; p. 4C.

       -A strong field hopes to challenge Marist in the annual Crew race on the Hudson.

Sawyer to get Marist award; Sunday, April 24, 1994; p. 1B.

       -Diane Sawyer will receive the Lowell Thomas award for her journalism achievements.

NY Tech 7- Marist 4; Thursday, April 28, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Errors cost the Foxes in the seventh as NY Tech came from behind to defeat Marist.

Marist splits doubleheader; Sunday, May 1, 1994; p. 6C.

       -Team rallied from one run down to come back and defeat Monmouth 2-1 in the first game but in the second game they were humiliated 6-0.

FDU 7- Marist 5; Tuesday May 3, 1994; p. 3C.

       -Despite thirteen hits Marist dropped their 27th game of the year.

Siena tops Marist; Wednesday, May 5, 1994; p. 5C.

       -The baseball team got some tough bounces falling to the Saints 12 -11.

Hudson, Farelli help Marist go 2-1 in NEC tourney; Sunday, May 8, 1994; p. 10D.

       -Marist came out of Saturday's play at 2-1 and will be in the loser's bracket today.

Rider stops Foxes; Monday, May 9, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Jen Dahl pitched a four hitter to lead the Rider softball team to a 2-1 victory over Marist.

900 take steps into new lives; Sunday, May 22, 1994; p. 1A.

       -Almost 900 graduates of Marist College lined up on Leonidoff Field to receive their degrees in the bright sunshine.

Hickey feels bond with students; Sunday, May 22, 1994; p. 15A.

       -State Assemblywoman Eileen Hickey felt a special bond to the Marist community after her commencement speech at the graduation ceremonies held on Saturday.

Sawyer joins elite group; Thursday, June 2, 1994; p. 1B.

       -The news anchor from ABC news received the prestigious Lowell Thomas award joining an elite group.

Tomidy set to emerge as Marist's man; Saturday, August 6, 1994; p. 5C.

       -Look for the junior to be the focus of many defenses around the league as he will be the man Marist will look to this year.

Red Foxes ready themselves for the MAAC; Friday, August 26,1994; p. 1D.

       -Red Foxes were picked to finish fourth in the preseason poll as they enter their first year in the conference.

Foxes eager to kick off the season; Saturday, August 27, 1994; p. 1E.

       -Despite losing all time leading rusher Don DiAiuto the Red Foxes are anxious to start their quest for the title in the MAAC conference.

Marist last in USA Today poll; Saturday, August 27, 1994; p. 3C.

       -Several players on the Marist football team are planning on having the last word about being ranked last in USA today's poll.

New buildings set to open; Sunday, August 28, 1994; p. 1A.

       -Despite Dutchess county's economy decline Marist has been growing and it is evident in the new buildings opening for the new school year.

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