Apokeepsing Boat Club

Located along the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie.  This boathouse was initially located right below what is now the Walkway Over the Hudson.  In 1906, it was moved by barge along the river to south of Church Street by Kaal Rock.  It was moved again in 1929 to its final location on Hudson River State Hospital property, at what is now Quiet Cove Park,  when it became the U.S. Naval Academy's boathouse.

The Apokeepsing Boat Club was founded in 1879 as a rowing club for local citizens.  The exact date of the boat club's construction is unknown, but the group loaned their boathouse to university crews, hosted Poughkeepsie Regatta spectators on its decks and dock, and aided in local planning efforts for the Regatta.  The Apokeepsing Boat Club disbanded in 1928 and its boathouse was abandoned.

The boathouse is no longer in existence.   Sometime between 1950 and 1955, the boathouse disappears from the maps and aerial photographs.  Its fate is unknown.