Eastman Villa

Located off of Red Top Road, overlooking the Hudson River, in the Town of Lloyd, Ulster County.

Originally the villa of A.J. Eastman who built it in 1888/1889.  Locals referred to it as the Eastman Villa though its official name was Vineyard Point Farm before it was purchased by the Spencer Family.  The Spencer family renamed it Crum Elbow (also seen as Krum Elbow) as it was situated near Crum Elbow point.  Harvard University then nicknamed it Red Top when they stayed there in 1896 after their quarters at New London, Connecticut.  (This may also be the origin of the name of Red Top Road).

Howland Spencer sold  the property in 1938 to Father Divine, an African American spiritual leader, and it was used as a home for his followers.  The original house no longer stands and exactly what happened to it is unknown.  The property is now a private residence, but is still called Crum Elbow.