Freshman/Assistant Coaches

This is not a complete list.  We are working to find more information.  If you have more information, please share it with us.

Morton G. Bogue, Columbia University 1901

Tom Bolles, University of Washington 1927-1936

Frederick D. Colson, Cornell University 1899? 1900-1903, 1905-1908

Henry John Dutton, University of Washington 1926

Gösta "Gus" Eriksen, University of Washington 1946/1947-1949

Charles O. Jackson, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1946

Max Luft, University of Pennsylvania 1925-1927

Alistair MacBain, Columbia University 1934-1941

Edward Marsh, University of Pennsylvania 1923

George S. Mumford, Harvard University 1896

Russell "Russ" Nagler, University of California Berkeley 1924-1938

Arthur W. Putnam, Columbia University 1896

R.M. Townsend, Harvard University 1897

Fred R. White, Cornell University 1895

Charles J. Whiteside, Syracuse University 1928-1929