Glen Eden Seminary

Located on Delafield/Washington Street in Poughkeepsie

The property was originally owned by the Waddle Family in the 19th century and then sold to the Hume family in 1870, though the exact date of the house's construction is unknown.  It was purchased in 1910 by Mrs. Eleanor Shackleford and her husband, who established St. Faith's Acadamy there.  It became the Glen Eden Seminary directed by Dr. Frederick Martin Townsend.  In 1916, additional property was purchased to expand the school.  In 1919, the school moved to Stamford, Connecticut and the building was vacant.

In 1922, the house was bought by Mr. Millstein to be used as a hotel (Millstein Inn).  In 1923 the property surrounding the school was bought by Fred Perlmutter and Isadore Bloch.  It changed hands numerous times throughout the 1920s, with plans to turn it into an inn that never quite came to fruition.  In 1931, it opened as the Palatial Inn though the Inn went out of business a few short years later.   In 1939, the house was purchased by contractors and a bank with the intention to build an appartment house and multiple smaller homes.  Presumeably the house was taken down as part of this project thought the house's exact fate is not known.