Morgan House

Located on the corner of Catharine and Main Streets in the City of Poughkeepsie

In the early 19th century, the original building on the site was a tenement house owned by Judge Smith Thompson.  In 1831, it was leased for 10 years by Theodoris Gregory who operated a tavern there.  In 1836, he sold the lease and business to Peter Ostrander, but in 1841 Gregory bought the lease from Ostrander and the building from the heirs of the Thompson family and opened it as the Eastern Hotel.  It burned down in 1843 and he rebuilt it as Gregory House.  The hotel was sold in 1865 to George Morgan and he renamed the hotel, Morgan House.   In 1868, the hotel, retaining its name, was sold to various owners.  It was famous for its restaurant, the Pompeiian room, added in 1912.  In March 1917, a massive fire broke out in the basement and the hotel was destroyed.  Three other buildings burned down nearby as a result of this fire.

The building was demolished and replaced with a new five story establishment, the Windsor Hotel.

The property is occupied today by retail stores and offices.