Riverview Military Academy

Located on Lincoln Ave between Pine and Montgomery Streets in the City of Poughkeepsie

Founded and built in 1867 by Otis T. Bisbee, who was head of the Poughkeepsie Collegiate School in College Hill Park until it was sold in 1865.  Bisbee bought the property and began building in 1866 after he failed to win the Collegiate School property at auction.  The four story building was designed by local architect, J.A. Wood, who designed a number of buildings in Poughkeepsie.   Amenities at the school included hot and cold water, gas lighting, a gymnasium, and sporting fields.  The school closed in 1921 and was taken over by  the Vassar Christian Association who used it as a community center, known as Lincoln Center.  It continued to operate as a community center through the 1960s until it was declared unsafe and demolished.  The property is now home to the Lincoln Center Soccer Club.