Roberts Estate

Located in Highland, 360 feet above the Hudson River in what is now Frannie Reese State Park, Town of Lloyd, Ulster County.

Home to Dr. Charles Roberts and his family.  The property had several buildings on it including the main Roberts home, Highland View House, and several outbuildings.  Roberts also owned Maple Hill/Cedar Glen,  another part of the estate which consisted of a main house and a orchard cottage, both of which were frame buildings and a barn and gardens.    The estate also included a farm, Ulsterdorp, run by Dr. Roberts' daughter, Grace.

The crews stayed in the main house, Highland View House, at the Roberts estate when it was leased out by the family after his death.

All that remains of these buidings are the ruins as the property was broken up when the Mid-Hudson  Bridge approach was reworked in the 1960s.