MIT/Washington Boathouse

Located along the Hudson River in front of what is now Marist College and Longview Park

Built on City of Poughkeepsie property in 1931 for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the local Poughkeepsie Regatta Association.  It was initially built only as equipment storage with two stories and a balcony on the second floor.  Crews ate and slept elsewhere in the area.  In 1934, MIT elected not to come to Poughkeepsie and Cornell University was given use of the boathouse for 1934 and 1935.  In 1936, the Association gave the boathouse to the University of Washington and made improvements to it and constructed a dining hall to the south so that the boathouse could be used to lodge crews and store equipment.  When the regatta left the Hudson in 1950, the boathouse was used by local high school crews.  On May 6, 1957, the boathouse and dining hall caught fire and despite intervention of a coast guard fire boat, they burned to the ground.  The local high school crews lost all of their equipment stored there.  The California boathouse was damaged by the fire.