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Location: Box 1744, Item 5

Content: Lowell Thomas for Sun Oil Hugh James, announcer Short wave portion: Lowell Thomas overseas during World War II, Hamlin Burning - looks for Les Ward - Bombers hit Munich - Tale of Thunderbolt vs. Germanship - Hugh Gibson reports the news - report of S.W. above

Date: 1945

Location: Box 1747, Item 11

Content: 1. Indiana's right to work bill outlawing Union shop 2. New Secretary of the Navy 3. Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and Prime Minister Golda Meir 4. Vice President Nixon greeted in Rabat, Morocco 5. Investigation into fall of Nationalist China, Communists in Washington, failure of American Aid. Harry Dexter White former Asst. Secretary to the Treasury block aid transfer 6. From Truckee, Lake Tahoe - Winter Olympic Games - 1960 Squaw Valley 7. Dimitri Tiomkin - Cinerama

                                                                              Date: Circa 1960

Location: Box 1749, Item 5

Content: President Lyndon Johnson, News conference on Vietnam Fighting outside of Saigon, search for Scorpion, lost Nuclear Submarine, Europe’s failed first lung transplant, Changes on French Cabinet, Presidential Primary in Oregon, race for around the world flight, Billy Mitchell, Obituary, Jack Harding

Date: 1968

Location: Box 1749, Item 12

Content: Final Radio Broadcast May 14, 1976 1) CBS-TV Cronkite 7pm 2) ABC-TV Reasoner 7pm 3) NBC-TV Chancellor 7pm 4) WNEW-TV Pressman 5) WABC-TV 6pm 6) CBS-Radio Final Broadcast 7) WBCS-Radio Comments

Date: 1976 May 14

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