Columbia Crew bringing out their shell

Varsity Eights, 4 miles - Monday, June 24, 4:30pm*

1st Columbia 21:25

2nd Cornell 21:46 ⅖

Pennsylvania swamped

*Originally scheduled for June 21, postponed due to damage to Pennsylvania’s shell


After many years of planning, the inaugural race of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta did not start off smoothly.  Poughkeepsie and Highland citizens along with IRA officials prepared and planned the course, facilities, and festivities for the arrival of the crews from Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University.  On June 21, race day, all was ready with spectators on the Observation train and on numerous water craft along the Hudson River course.  The Governor of New York, Levi P. Morton, was even in attendance.

Tragedy struck as Pennsylvania approached the starting line.  Governor Morton's boat, the J.C. Hartt, drifted into the lanes reserved for crews and the swells from the boat sent Pennsylvania's shell crashing into the dock.  The shell was severely damaged and began to take on water.  As a result the race was postponed until the following Monday, June 24 to allow Pennsylvania to repair their shell.  

The race commenced on June 24, but despite Pennsylvania's repairs, their shell took on too much water and they could not finish the race.  

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Pennsylvania Crew team in shell
The Columbia Crew
The Cornell Crew
View of the Poughkeepsie Course

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