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Provincials, Masters, Deans, and Presidents of St. Ann's Hermitage, the Marist Normal Training School, Marian College, and Marist College


1922-1931 Brother Leo Brouillette

1931-1937 Brother Henry Charles Gregoire

1937-1942 Brother Paul Stratonic Lelievre

1942-1948 Brother Louis Omer Duprez

1948-1953 Brother Thomas Austin O'Donnell

1953-1962 Brother Linus William Hall


1928-1931 Brother Emile Nestor

1931-1940 Brother Adrian August

1940-1941 Brother Victor Ralph Labrie

1941-1943 Brother Nicholas Mary Whiteside

1943-1958 Brother Paul Ambrose Fontaine

1958-1965 Brother Paul Stokes

1965-1970 Brother John Lawrence O'Shea


1957-1958 Brother Paul Ambrose Fontaine

1958-1979 Dr. Richard Foy

1979-2016 Dr. Dennis J. Murray

2016-2019 Mr. David Yellen

2019-2021 Dr. Dennis J. Murray

2021 – Dr. Kevin C. Weinman


During the early years of the College’s history, it can be a little confusing determining who was in charge. As far as the College was concerned, seniority went in the following order: Superior General, Assistant Superior General, Provincial, Dean, and Master. From 1922 to 1957 the Provincials had authority over the Deans and Masters, and the Superior General, the head of the Marist Order, was concerned with directing the administrative duties of the Brothers around the world. Sometimes the Provincials were referred to as the President of the College, but this designation was inconsistent. “President” was not an official designation until Brother Paul was named President of the College in 1957. The Provincial acted as the President of the College from 1922 to 1957, but Bro. Paul Ambrose Fontaine was named the first President in 1957. Bro. Paul Ambrose Fontaine was the Dean of the College before he was named President in 1957. Although the Provincials essentially acted as the President of the institution, they were stationed in Rome. The Deans ran day-to-day operations on the Marist campus. In 1958, Bro. Paul Ambrose Fontaine, President of Marian College, was elected Assistant Superior General in Rome. On November 28, Bro. Linus Richard Foy, doctoral candidate at the Courant Institute at NYU, was appointed to replace him. At age 28, he became the youngest college president in the Unites States. That semester there were 256 students, 62 of whom were laymen. (This is based on information from the The Annals of St. Ann's Hermitage and the History of the United States Province.)

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