The 11th annual Regatta was rather uneventful.  Most of Cornell’s varsity had graduated and then several of their returning crew members quit, this led to rising concerns early on that they would do well at the Regatta.   Despite these concerns, Cornell turned out a fine crew. 

In the weeks leading up to the race, excessive heat and wind prevented practice occasionally, but it was not as bad as it had been in 1903. 

Cornell and Syracuse were closely watched as both crews were very fast.  Rumors abounded that Cornell had beat the course record of 18:53 1/5 in practice and Syracuse had completed the four-mile row in under 19 minutes. This Regatta was shaping up to be a highly competitive race.  

Race day dawned with good weather and all races started on time, a major feat for the Regatta.  Cornell did not beat the varsity 8 course record on race day, but they beat out Syracuse in the varsity 8 and freshman races. 

Varsity Fours, 2 miles - Wednesday, June 28, 3:00pm

1st Syracuse 10:15 ⅖   (new course record set)

2nd Cornell 10:17 ⅖ 

3rd Pennsylvania 10:32 ⅖ 

4th Columbia 10:45

5th Wisconsin 10:52 

Freshman Eights, 2 miles - Wednesday, June 28, 3:45pm

1st Cornell 9:35 ⅖ 

2nd Syracuse 9:49

3rd Columbia 9:53

4th Pennsylvania 9:58 ⅘ 

Varsity Eights, 4 miles - Wednesday, June 28, 5:00pm

1st Cornell 20:29 ⅖ 

2nd Syracuse 21:47 ⅖ 

3rd Georgetown 21:49

4th Columbia 21:53 ⅘ 

5th Pennsylvania 21:59 ⅘ 

6th Wisconsin 22:06 ⅕ 

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