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Marist Employees’ Extra Special Commencement Celebration Watching Their Own Children Graduate

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications

May 22, 2023 — Within the close-knit Red Fox community, a tradition has unfolded over the years as employees proudly witness their own children reach a significant milestone—graduating from Marist College.

Upon commencement some Marist employees found themselves in the dual role of both employee and parent, rejoicing in the accomplishments of their graduating children.

Cyndi and Anthony Mercogliano graduating at 1992 Commencement. Daughter Emma Mercogliano graduating at 2023 Commencement.

Anthony Mercogliano '92, Senior Development Officer for Advancement, has worked at Marist for 11 years. Mercogliano and his family’s Marist roots run deep, as he, his wife, his niece, and his daughter are all part of the Red Fox family.

“College is four years, but Marist is for life: Marist is a wonderful place and it’s been an amazing blessing to have Emma here,” said Mercogliano. “I am fortunate to be an employee, alum, and parent. I met my wife at Marist, my niece Claire graduated in 2020, and now we are all super proud to see Emma graduate. I’m thankful that Marist has prepared Emma for the real world and for a very bright future.”

Mercogliano family at Commencement.

Emma graduated with a double major in social work and philosophy and a minor in sociology. Post-graduation she will work in the social work field for a year before pursuing a master’s in social work (MSW) at Marist.

Left to Right: Louis Higuera, Dr. Robyn Rosen, and Sam Higuera at Commencement. 

Dr. Robyn Rosen, History Professor at Marist, has been at the College for nearly 30 years. Both of her sons, Sam and Louis Higuera, walked at Commencement over the weekend — Louis on Friday with his master’s and Sam on Saturday with his undergraduate degree.

“It has been wonderful having my children here and I am very proud of my sons,” said Dr. Rosen. “I’ve had two sons here-one is graduating from his undergrad this year and my other graduated in 2020 and will be graduating with his master’s this year as well. I've gotten to know more about the college, seen things from a new perspective, and grown to appreciate the opportunities available. Additionally, I continue to be inspired by and grateful for the talented, caring, and dedicated faculty and staff here.”

Higuera brothers graduating over the weekend. 

Sam Higuera '23 graduated with a sports communication major and a minor in psychology. Post-graduation, Sam will be pursuing his master’s at Marist in the integrated marketing communications program.

Louis Higuera '20 graduated with a double major in political science and philosophy. Louis is now an International Admissions counselor for the Marist Admissions Office and graduated from Marist this year with a master’s in integrated marketing communications.

Monica and Zach Schott on stage at Commencement.

Zach graduated with a sports communications major and plans to pursue his master’s in business administration (MBA) here at Marist post-graduation.

Each year, similar narratives echo throughout the campus during Commencement, showcasing the enduring trend of proud Marist employees and their successful graduating children. 

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