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Political Science Professor Selected for Prestigious Fellowship

Anthony Proia, Director of Media Relations

April 24, 2023 - A Marist associate professor of political science has been selected for a prestigious fellowship to study international affairs in Germany. Dr. Juris Pupcenoks will be spending six months as a fellow at the Academy of International Affairs in Bonn. While in Germany, Dr. Pupcenoks will develop a research project that studies responses to Russian strategic narratives and disinformation in Eastern Europe. 

“It was such a pleasant surprise and an honor to be selected for this highly competitive fellowship,” Dr. Pupcenoks said. “This fellowship will allow me to focus fully on my own research and exchange ideas with other outstanding experts in the field of international affairs.”

The fellowship attracts applicants from around the world, with Dr. Pupcenoks among only 12 that have been selected. Applicants come from all disciplines to research at the Academy. Dr. Pupcenoks’ project will look at how Russian strategic narratives towards Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova have evolved over the last two decades. His analysis will speak to Russia’s abilities and limitations to shape socio-political developments abroad through its rhetoric.

“A better understanding of how Russia uses diplomatic language to target smaller countries and spread disinformation will also help with coming up with strategies of how to counter such propaganda more effectively,” he added. “In addition, it is important to look how smaller countries have responded to Russian rhetoric to see what strategies could be successful (or not) in countering authoritarian country information operations.” 

Specializing in Russian affairs in Eastern Europe, Dr. Pupcenoks has been considered an expert in the war in Ukraine since the 2022 invasion. He continues to provide insight into the complex relationship between Russia and Eastern Europe, shedding light on the situation through interviews, written forums, and published research.

Dr. Pupcenoks has conducted field research in the United Kingdom, Italy, and the US, and has been published in a number of journals, including International Interactions, Nationalities Papers, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Middle East Journal, and Muslim Minority Affairs.

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