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Building and Grounds History

Marist College is a state-of-the-art college, leading the country in technology and interactive media. Its history, while relatively brief, sets the stage for Marist's continued tradition of advancement, growth, and higher education. The history of the college's growth is vital to this tradition, and its physical represention is seen in the growth of the campus. While there are several buildings original to the property (Greystone, St. Peter's, and the Kieran Gatehouse), several others have been remodeled, detroyed, moved, or used for several different purposes to suit the needs of the growing College. Marist College currently consists of 49 buildings and 150 acres of riverfront property, but it all started with one house and only 13 acres of land. This Web site attempts to recognize the change and growth Marist College has seen throughout its years by offering a brief description of each building and place name on campus. This site also hopes to offer a snapshot of how Marist continues to grow, develop, and improve not only its structural beauty, but also the minds of its students, its ideals, and its educational excellence. (Source: Building & Place Names)


Building & Place Names

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